Georgian WikiConference 2018

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Georgian WikiConference 2018 in Tbilisi

Wikimedia Conference is the first conference about Wikimedia and its projects in Georgia. The conference will be held in the capital of Georgia — Tbilisi on December 22, 2018, from 12:00 to 15:00 o'clock.


The idea of holding a conference that will serve to popularize Wikimedia projects and familiarize the public with the work of Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia has always existed among Georgian Wikimedians. But, due to lack of technical and financial resources, and also due to lack of human resources, it has always been postponed. At the last meeting of Georgian Wikipedians and Wikimedians in June 2018, it was decided to hold a conference before the end of this year, with the financial assistance of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF).


The Wikimedia Conference 2018 in Tbilisi is the first conference to be held in Georgia and will be devoted to Wikimedia projects in Georgia. Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia has been actively carrying out many projects for more than three years, which contributes to the improvement of the quality of Wikimedia projects in Georgian language. Previously, UG-GE provided all of its reports to its audience on online platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but not in the form of a conference, so they decided to personally present their reports to the public. In addition, Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia will provide audiences with presentations on all Wikimedia projects, as well as on work, attitudes, goals and the future of the Wikimedia Foundation. This platform will try to attract more volunteers to Wikimedia projects by providing them with more information about our projects and opportunities.


We have different goals that we want to achieve using the platform of this conference. Of our main goals are the following:

✹ Provide all interested parties (wikipedians, students, representatives of different organizations) with more information about the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), its activities and projects.

✹ Provide more information about Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia (which is the representation of the Wikimedia Foundation in Georgia) and its projects in the Georgian language, which provides part of the project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

✹ Provide more information about Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia projects in Georgia and its activities.

✹ Wikipedia in education.

✹ Provide information to the public about how Wikipedia helps teachers in the learning process.

✹ Provide information to everyone how international Wiki-Meetings help the Wikimedia Movement evolve.

✹ GLAM & Wikimedia.

Organizers (UG-GE)[edit]


Mehman Ibragimov[edit]

➲ Conference opening and greeting.

➲ Presentation about the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and its activities.

➲ Presentation about the Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia.

➲ Presentation about "Wiki Loves" projects.

➲ About other projects conducted by me (TWYHNM 2018; From Independence To Freedom).

➲ About the challenges facing Georgian Wikimedia projects.

Mikheil Chabukashvili[edit]

Jaba Labadze[edit]

➲ International WikiCamps as a way to develop a Wikimedia Movement.

➲ GAHE & Georgian Wikipedia WikiCamps.

➲ Georgian Wikipedia at various conferences.

➲ School Wiki-Clubs as a tool for the development of Georgian Wikipedia.

➲ Wikipedia in Education.

David Asriashvili[edit]

George Melashvili[edit]

Giorgi Chubinidze[edit]

Davit Maisuradze[edit]


This list is for informational purposes only and shall only be edited by the UG-GE event team.

Wikipedians & Wikimedians[edit]

  1. Iakob Makharadze
  2. Nino Turmanidze
  3. Nika Chareqishvili
  4. Mariam Kvartskhava
  5. Anastasia Jgharkava
  6. Davit Shubitidze
  7. Dalila Elisashvili
  8. Nikoloz Zivzivadze
  9. Zauri Tsertsvadze
  10. Mariam Khuchua
  11. Akaki Balanchivadze
  12. Guram Topuria
  13. Tornike Diasamidze
  14. Sergo Gogoladze
  15. George Melashvili
  16. Giorgi Chubinidze
  17. Giorgi Okropiridze
  18. Davit Maisuradze
  19. Giga Doguzovi
  20. Irakli Gunashvili
  21. Giorgi Atatia


  1. Maia Manchkhashvili (Tbilisi State University)
  2. Eka Maisuradze (Georgian Association of History Educators)
  3. Manana Shekiladze (Georgian Association of History Educators)
  4. Razmik Badalyan (Educare Georgia)
  5. Luka Karkadze (Tbilisi State University)
  6. Tamar Karaia (Civic Education Lecturers Association)


The conference will be held in the conference hall of the Gallery Palace Hotel.


5 Ingorokva str., 0105, Mtatsminda, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Geo coordinates: Coordinates: 41.693310°, 44.797975°

Gallery Palace Hotel


[coming after conference]