Global Open Initiative Foundation/Movement Strategy Recommendation & Prioritization/Report

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Global Open Initiative Foundation and its partners on the 28th of November and 5th December 2020 reviewed the 2030 movement strategy shared by the Movement Strategy Team. A total of 41 participants deliberated on which of the recommendations should be prioritized. Below is a detailed description of the process and the outcome.

We have documented below the insights and feedback from participants of the discussions and the aspect of the recommendations that our community is proposing for prioritization.

How we connected[edit]

A section of participants during the Wikimedia movement strategy meeting organised by the Global Open Initiative Team

Members of the Global Open Initiative community and partners were informed via our social media platforms. Emails containing links to the 10 recommendations were sent to participants and phone calls were made to keep participants informed. After the first meetup a google form was sent to participants of the call to select recommendations that needed to be prioritized. In addition to the above, the 10 recommendations were translated into Dagbani and Twi. Both meetups took place online on Zoom and also streamed live on YouTube.

Who participated[edit]

A section of participants during the Wikimedia movement strategy meeting organised by the Global Open Initiative Team

Before the actual meetups, three preparatory meetings were held; two preparation meetings were held for the first meetup and one for the second meetup. All three preparatory meetings lasted for about an hour and 30 minutes and had more than 60% of team members present. Both the facilitator and presenter took us through the agenda and how the flow of the event will look like. They were directed at areas that team members thought could be changed, improved on, and not necessary. In conclusion, the preparatory meetings were a great help in making the meetups a success.

The meeting, consisting of 41 participant's was mainly facilitated by Zita Ursula Zage and Emmanuel Yeboah and supported by Harriet Bayel and Sadik Shahadu. In attendance were GOI Foundation's partners from various institutions which included Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology Language Department, Tamale College Language department, Ghana Volunteers Network, Pollinate hub and iCODE Ghana.

What was discussed[edit]

Global Open Initiative Foundation Movement strategy Recommendation and Prioritization reports.

The first meet up was mainly to explain the 10 recommendations to the participants. After which there were discussions on the recommendations which lasted for an hour and 15 minutes. Our discussions primarily focused on the review of the 10 recommendations and what should be prioritized. Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement, and invest in skills and leadership development recommendations were central to the discussion. In order to capture all recommendations and input from community members, a survey was shared with the community on what should be prioritized.

During the second meetup our discussion centered on how we could implement the aforementioned recommendations, participants highlighted using referrals such as word of mouth and sharing of stories to attract new editors, and partnering with educational institutions to join the movement. Also, participants suggested that; the Wikimedia Foundation can invest in skills and leadership development through provision of materials for volunteers to work with and frequently organizing workshops and training for volunteers.

In other to capture all recommendation and input from community members, a survey was shared with the community on what should be prioritized. A total of 39 participants of the meetups responded to the survey.

51.3% of participants suggested that more resources and work should be committed to increasing the sustainability of the movement by using ways such as encouraging and motivating both new and old contributors with resources to work whilst 48.7% of participants also suggested that investing in skills and leadership development is crucial for the growth and sustainability of the movement, beneficiaries can help others by imparting the knowledge that they have acquired.

Our prioritization[edit]

Based on community participation in the movement strategy discussions and feedback. The Global Open Initiative Foundation would be prioritizing the following two recommendations of the movement strategy:

  1. Increase the sustainability of our movement,
  2. Investment in skills and leadership development.