Grants:APG/Proposals/2014-2015 round1/Wikimedia CH/Proposal form/Strategic Plan

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Support contributors
We want to increase user retention by supporting contributors where and when they need us
  • Encourage cross-border linguistic communities (A1)
  • Add significant value to volunteer projects (A2)
Support content
Content creation is by definition user-based
  • Support rather than initiate volunteer projects (B1)
  • Encourage like-minded content creation (B2)
Develop Tools
Build on our existing know-how
  • Grow Kiwix (C1)
  • Facilitate offline dissemination (C2)
Bringing Wiki to the non-Wiki world
  • GLAM partnerships (D1)
  • Secondary education (D2)
  • Raise awareness of Public domain and alternative licences (D3)