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Wikimedia Switzerland is happy to herewith present its plans for 2024 which are aligned with both the Movement strategy as well as with its 2022-2026 strategy.

As usual, adjustments might have to be taken into consideration in 2024 on one hand given the geopolitical environment the world is currently in as well as the sanitary situation. On the other hand, due to fundraising income and other revenues which of course will have a direct impact on our plans.

As promised already in 2021, Wikimedia CH is well under way implementing its ambitious plans set out in its 2022-2026 strategy. In 2023, the association has been working on its internal structure, setting up a “Lead Team” and organising processes in a more holocratic way; what is more, several key people could be hired: - Two Education Managers for the whole of Switzerland (one at a 40% rate and one at 80%), - One Operations and Development Officer, - One additional accounting support at a 50% rate.

2024 will see further engagement of Wikimedia CH on the efficiency path, building up and implementing its membership strategy and collaborating with an organisation called “Value for Good” thanks to support from the Mercator Foundation in terms of impact measurement and ROI. Furthermore, more solutions for rendering processes more effective through potential automatisation will be looked at.

In 2024 external relations and policy work will be prioritised more, building on the excellent results that WMCH has achieved within the last years, highlighting especially the excellent collaboration with Parldigi and other actors in Switzerland. Wikimedia CH will also continue to collaborate closely with Wikifranca and Wikimedia Europe, both relatively new structures which need time to become fully operational.

2023 saw the drafting of a new GLAM and Community strategy for Switzerland; 2024 will now go into the implementation which is already reflected in the relating annual plans.

In addition, 2024 will also see a particular focus on ensuring that the back office is staffed appropriately and can operate in an effective way. Unfortunately, we were still not able to recruit a digital fundraiser as well as some other competences that are currently lacking in our organisation but need attention (such as for example overall fundraising and technical skills related to databases). Building a strong organisation also means having a strong basis, therefore ensuring that the back-office has sufficient resources to ensure smooth processes and related procedures. Obviously recruiting in Switzerland means having financial resources as people have to have an excellent command of the various languages as well as be specialised in a variety of fields.

What is more, our focus in 2024 will also continue to lie on succession planning and ensuring that appropriate back-up processes are in place. Our new Operational Team Lead will start her function in January 2024 looking especially into processes, impact, GDPR and operational functioning.

As every year, it has to be reiterated, that HR costs in Switzerland remain a major factor within Wikimedia CH’s budget. Even people working “on demand” on particular projects have to be factored into WMCH’s operational costs by law, hence the association pays particular attention to finding the best solutions, working through outsourcing whenever possible. We are proud to say that we are aligned with Swiss standards in the NGO sector, but remuneration and adequate benefit plans remain a major issue for staff retention.

The budgetary consequences have been reflected in the budget for 2024 as already announced in 2023. Of course, hiring as well as slightly expanding programmes will be directly linked to the financial situation of the organisation and thus fundraising remains key.

You will, as usual, find herewith our plans for 2024.

Please also have a look at our latest progress report:

Wikimedia CH/Progress report form

to better understand where we are heading to.

Finally, in 2024 we will be following again a major thread in terms of outreach and programme planning in order to raise brand awareness and knowledge about Wikimedia projects:

  • Ensuring and supporting free access to unbiased knowledge as a cornerstone of a democratic society

Alongside our General Assembly, an event will be built and interesting speeches as well as discussions will be organised in order to attract more people two our organisation.

Our consolidated budget can be found here. You will note that it will increase roughly about 349’264k CHF compared to 2023. This is mainly due to hiring new staff members and increasing the work percentage of some of our existing staff as planned in 2023, as well as the foreseen event around the General Assembly 2024 which forms an important part of our strategy. As usual, our fundraising costs are also on the raise as more revenues need to be generated and systems become more complex and expensive. What is more, with no IT programme manager in house, WMCH needs to rely on external experts for that matter.

Finally, please let us stress again that:

  • WMCH still doesn’t have a physical office and staff works virtually – and this will continue to be the case in future.
  • WMCH has negotiated very low rates in terms of storage and operational costs, which make our operations very cost effective.
  • WMCH is a registered association in Switzerland and is audited every year.
  • WMCH will remain a structure bearing a hierarchy as flat as possible working on a “self-organised” model based on holocracy. WMCH also embraces mindful leadership principles and guidelines.
  • Whenever possible, pro-bono agreements are sought as well as in-kind donations such as room rentals, catering etc.

Thanks for reading us and we are of course happy to answer your questions!

Annual plan summary[edit]

Program 1: GLAM

Wikimedia CH GLAM annual plan 2024 - infographic
Wikimedia CH GLAM annual plan 2024

Program 2: Education

Wikimedia CH Education annual plan 2024 - infographic
Wikimedia CH Education annual plan 2024

Program 3: Community

Wikimedia CH Community annual plan 2024 - infographic
Wikimedia CH Community annual plan 2024

Program 4: Innovation

Wikimedia CH Innovation annual plan 2024 - infographic
Wikimedia CH Innovation annual plan 2024

Program 5: International and National (Public Relations)

Wikimedia CH International and National (Public Relations) annual plan 2024 - infographic
Wikimedia CH International and National (Public Relations) annual plan 2024

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