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Grants:APG/FDC recommendations

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Funds Dissemination Committee recommendations to the board


Taking the FDC staff evaluation into consideration, the FDC will deliberate and prepare a single slate of recommended funds allocations to the WMF Board. FDC staff will join this conversation to provide input and clarification as necessary. These joint recommendations must be approved by a majority of attending members before being sent to to the Board of Trustees. A majority or quorum will constitute five voting FDC members. Once the FDC has developed their recommendations, FDC staff will help the FDC draft a letter to the Board of Trustees summarizing the FDC recommendations and the major considerations underlying them.

For each fund-seeker, the FDC will provide basic feedback explaining the recommended allocation, assessing the entity's performance, and ways to strengthen future funding proposals. This will be posted on each proposal.