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Grants:Committees/Inactive and past committee members

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Inactive and past Regional Funds Committee members

The Regional Funds Committees are volunteer-based participatory decisionmaking committees that work with the Community Resources Team to provide guidance and support to applicants, as well as making decisions about how movement funds should be distributed in the funding region. We thank the following former members for their service.

Northern and Western Europe Regional Funds Committee

  • Mike Peel, August 2021 – October 2022. Radio astronomer, photographer, Wikimedian since 2005. Based in Tenerife, Canary Islands.
  • Hanay, August 2021 – October 2022. My name is Hana (חנה יריב), I am from Israel. I started editing on the Hebrew Wikipedia in 2009. I wrote many articles on Archaeological Subjects in hewiki, articles about Nesher my home town and Haifa. I also built with partners "Ancient Near East Portal", in Hebrew of course. I was an Administrators on Hebrew Wikipedia between 2011–2020, OTRS volunteer between 2013–2018. I am a member of the Israeli Chapter and was on their board between 2014–2018.
  • DarwIn, August 2021 - Software developer, researcher on History & Genealogy, Wikimedian since 2009. Based in Funchal, Madeira Island (Portugal)

United States and Canada Regional Funds Committee


Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Funds Committee


Latin America and Caribbean Regional Funds Committee

  • Chrusky, August 2021 – October 2022
  • Kitanago, August 2021 – February 2023 Poet, cultural operator, Community Manager. Wikimedian since 2018, president of the Groupe USER Wikimedia Haiti. I live in the city of Petit-Goâve in Haiti.
  • Neima Paz, September 2021 – February 2023. La Guajira, Colombia.
  • Txolo, August 2021 – March 2023. Lima, Perú.
  • Ayuujk, August 2021 – August 2023. Mixed political scientist. She is part of Colmix and the Digital Activism Network of Indigenous Languages. Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Carlillasa, August 2021 – August 2023., Editor by profession, freelance musician and Wikipedian since 2016. I was born and live in La Paz, Bolivia.
  • Niamfrifruli, August 2021 – August 2023. Santa Fe, Argentina.
  • Alexandrabello, August 2021 – August 2023. Caracas, Venezuela.

Middle East and Africa Regional Funds Committee

  • Ptinphusmia, August 2021 – July 2023
  • CaliBen, August 2021 – July 2023 I am an Information Technology expert from Tanzania. I am the founder of the Wikimedia Community Arusha, Community Liason for The AfroCine Project, and a certified trainer for Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom program.
  • Ndahiro_derrick, August 2021 - July 2023
  • Joy_Agyepong, August 2021 - July 2023 I am a Social Entrepreneur and Director with Fact Lens Gh in Ghana. I am also a Co-founder with an environmentally oriented NGO and Team Lead with Wiki Hour Initiative.
  • Kaizenify, August 2021 - July 2023 I’m a professional and well travelled photographer with various photography exhibitions. On the Wikimedia project, I bridge gender/minority gaps on Wikipedia by leading various gender/minority edit a thons and also the program strategist for the Wikimedia Nigeria Usergroup.
  • Mwintirew, August 2021 - July 2023 I am Harriet Henry Bayel from Ghana. I am an open advocate who is very passionate about volunteerism and bridging the digital gender gap. Open Knowledge, women and youth empowerment are matters of great concern to me.
  • Yamen, August 2021 - July 2023 I'm a Collateral and Asset Management business expert from Tunisia. Co-founder of the Wikimedia Tunisia User Group, the Wiki World Heritage User Group and the Wikiarabia regional conference. A former member of Wikimania 2021 COR team.
  • Tebhogho, August 2021 - July 2024 Tebhogho is Librarian at the University of Botswana. Enjoy contributing on gender gap issues. I have participated in the AfLIA #1lib1ref campaigns since 2020. I also hold other volunterring responsibilities within the wikimedia movement.

South Asia Regional Funds Committee

  • AshLin, October 2021 - June 2023 Wikimedian with experience in editing, policy development and capacity building activities.

East, Southeast Asia, and Pacific Regional Funds Committee