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Wikimania 2021 to be a virtual event

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Wikimania 2021, the sixteenth Wikimedia conference, will be a virtual event to be organized by a diverse group of global volunteers. The 2021 edition was originally announced to be an in-person/ physical event, scheduled to be held in Bangkok, Thailand and hosted by Wikimedia ESEAP. This was a postponement of Wikimania 2020 in view of the 2019-20 COVID-19 pandemic.[1] It was originally scheduled from 5 to 9 August, 2020.[2] In January 2021 it was announced that 2021 edition will take place online.[3]

Call for volunteers

We need your help and participation for Wikimania 2021! We need core team members to help lead the organization of the conference, as well as volunteers for other roles. See the call for volunteers and involvement for details.

Apply ― proudly with Free Software (info)

Theme & Dates

Since 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Wikipedia, and celebrations are ongoing, Wikimania 2021's theme is 20 years of Wikipedia. We'll look back at our history and celebrate our future.

We're planning for the conference to be held in August 2021, following the precedent set by past Wikimanias. Exact dates will follow soon.

What about a host?

Since there is no in-person event, the Wikimania Steering Committee. will take on "hosting" the 2021 virtual edition of Wikimania. Wikimania 2021 will be a community-lead event, supported by the Foundation, and powered by the Wikimania Steering Committee and the Community Organizing Team.

What about scholarships?

Since an in-person event scholarship cannot be awarded for a virtual event, there is an opportunity for us to look into repurposing the program to enable participation. The scope of the program would be to promote accessibility by facilitating accessibility in order to fully participate at a virtual event. A feasibility study will be completed with a first pass of options of how the program can be repurposed. The Core Organizing Team will help decide on the best course of action.

Design and background

In order to help imagine and design a virtual event, in January 2021 the Wikimania Steering Committee engaged in a series of Event Design sprints that were kicked off and facilitated by the Foundation and supported by Event Design experts. The goal of our design sprints was to collaboratively start designing a few formats for a virtual Wikimania experience to bring back to the wider community. You can read more about the process, the people involved, and the outcomes of our design sprints on this page.

For community ideas on hosting virtual events, WikiProject for volunteers organizing online or virtual events.


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