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The aim of this WikiProject is to facilitate the remote participation in Wikimedia-related events. This project was founded through a meetup with remote participants at the Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm. The Etherpad to this first discussion about the project where they decided to found the project can be found here. [1]


  • Good internet connection with ability to at least update your Wikimania page with your findings and sign up here with a link back to your findings
  • For scheduled live streams, check beforehand if there is a place you can ask questions in real time (the youtube channel should be monitored, but isn't always)
  • DM speakers for links to slides, background work, etc. Try to make screenshots of the presentations with points that strike you - you can share on social media, but also upload to Commons if the speakers have released their rights (generally this is done by the event coordinator, but check)


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