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Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network

The Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network (WREN) is a Wikimedia user group for Wikimedians in residence. The application for the user group was made after the WiRs "Birds of a Feather" session at Wikimania Montreal and was approved by the Affiliations Committee in November 2018.

We now have a Facebook group for discussion.


In 2006 user:llywrch published "Wikipedian-in-residence, a proposal" articulating in print the concept of a liaison between Wikimedia projects and external organizations with domain expertise. Following that proposal came the United States Public Policy Initiative, which was a project to train and professionalize persons at universities to collaborate with Wikimedia projects.

The 2010 British Museum Wikipedian-in-residence project was a pilot project which inspired other organizations to replicate the effort. Since then, Wikimedians-in-Residence have increased in number continuously. This Wikimedia user group provides communication channels connecting past and current Wikimedians-in-Residence, supporting new activities and projects, providing guidelines and material for both residents and institutions, all for the betterment of the works being developed.

Mission and Goals[edit]

The Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network advocates for Wikimedia community members in professional roles at institutions.

Goals of the organization include defining and protecting the common elements of the Wikimedian in Residence role, creating a peer support network which invites new and experienced Wikimedians in Residence to find each other for collaboration, and to encourage a global professional environment which inspires institutions to offer appointments to persons to engage with Wikimedia projects.


  1. Wikimedian in Residence shared statement
    1. No conflict of interest editing
    2. Organizations have the right to wiki
    3. Support the Wikimedia movement
  2. Skill share
    1. Online peer to peer training
    2. Rotation of experienced Wikimedians in Residence demonstrating a skill set
    3. Those taking the class post comments and feedback
  3. Annual Wikimania meetup
  4. Production of documentation