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Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network/reports

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Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network

In the Wiki world documentation matters! Anyone who wants someone else to review their project should document and report it!

Any Wikimedian in Residence who wants members of this organization to review their projects should post a link to a report of it either here on this page or in the minutes of the next online meeting, which also goes into this page's archives.


Annual reports[edit]

Annual reports are by calendar year. Anyone can edit them.

Any Wikimedian in Residence who wants to casually discuss a project can link to it in the agenda of the next meeting then present it there. If anyone would like to showcase a longer term project and seek support and endorsement from the Wikimedians in Residence Network as an organization, then create a wiki project page for it and share that. Projects with review from this organization get listed in the annual report, and the organizers of those projects can link to this annual report as documentation of the community participation and review.

Governance documents[edit]

Governance documents assist in the performance of a Wikimedian in Residence role.

For Wikimedians in Residence programs[edit]

For this organization[edit]

Wikimedia movement strategy[edit]


  1. Wikimedian in Residence shared statement
    1. No conflict of interest editing
    2. Organizations have the right to wiki
    3. Support the Wikimedia movement
  2. Skill share
    1. Online peer to peer training
    2. Rotation of experienced Wikimedians in Residence demonstrating a skill set
    3. Those taking the class post comments and feedback
  3. Annual Wikimania meetup
  4. Production of documentation


Individual Wikimedians in Residence and their hosting institutions may share their own reports of what they accomplish and how they perform their activities.



Job postings[edit]

Various people ask for example job postings, including ended ones. The point of this is to see how anyone advertises these roles. Here is what we have: