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This meeting[edit]

Wed 2021-09-22 16:00 UTC
  • 12 noon – 1pm Eastern Time - New York
Join via Google Meet:


1.Z.Blace 3.Mary Mark Ockerbloom - Annual Reviews / Philadelphia WikiSalon 4.Tochiprecious - Template:U:Tochiprecious - Moleskine Foundation 5. Rachel Helps at the BYU library - user: Rachel Helps (BYU) 6. Jamie Flood (Jamie-NAL, USDA National Agricultural Library/National Agricultural Law Information Partnership) 7.Andrew Lih - Fuzheado 8.Doreva Belfiore - (User:dorevabelfiore) - Philadelphia WikiSalon 9. Giovanna Fontenelle 10. Nicolas Vigneron (User:VIGNERON) 11. Martin Poulter (User:MartinPoulter) WIR at the Khalili Collections

Carlo Joseph Moskito ( couldn't make it

Agenda and Notes[edit]

See Etherpad: Agenda

   Introductions- new folks and new WiR!
   Nicolas Vigneron, Clermont Auvergne
   Tochi Precious, Moleskine Foundation, WikiAfrica Education program
   UNESCO Bangkok. My UNESCO email is
   WikidataCon soliciting sessions on GLAM
   Wikiconference North America coming up October 8-10
   October 8 - Global Ada Lovelace Day editing, or women in science, or women in red or women in *
   Volunteers to add events/help organize are welcome! Take an hour slot to lead something?
   Look through Wikimania presentations for Wikimedian in residence relevant sessions
   Hack4OpenGLAM going on now with CC Global Summit
   Andrew: Demo/describe new Wiki API Connector project to make fore easier GLAM image uploads to commons, feedback



   Z - was locked for 6 weeks globally, but is back now. Related to Croatian Wikipedia drama former account
   Getting Bosnia/Herzegovina librarians involved via University Unesco project
   and doing first big wiki marathon with 40+ female editors
   Giovanna Fontelle - Brazil
   Reminder - write for the GLAM newsletter!
   Tochi Precious - Nigeria, WiR with Moleskin Foundation (started in July 19)
   WikiAfrica Education
   working also on
   Nicolas VIGNERON - new and currently the only WiR in France, for various libraries in Clermont Auvergne (both public and university libraries)
   starting to plan formations both internal for pros and for general public/students
   working on a mass import on Wikidata/Commons with OpenRefine/Pattypan
   Jamie Flood - USDA WiR National Agricultural Library
   Working with National Agricultural Law Center
   Food modernization act, invasive species
   Next edit-a-thon: Heir property (October 12th - please come!
   Rachel Helps - BYU
   Left in December 2020, but back after 6 months - great to see
   presented to Mormon Women Publish and may do an editing event with them
   Martin Poulter - Khalili Collections WiR, only one at a private collection
   Persian and Islamic art/collections - 1,000 images recently shared on Commons with metadata on Wikidata
   Interested in manuscripts in Wikidata (which is a bit of a mess, see for basic modeling) - classification is not consistent, since many are broken up and fragments/partial spread across multiple places/institutions
   Martin contact me (VIGNERON) I have question about modeling "version" of manuscripts (which can be very different, more 50 % of texts being different for instance).
   Me (Fuzheado) too! For The Met we need better modeling as well as Smithsonian.
   Mary Mark Ockerbloom WiR (Annual Reviews) and Philadelphia WikiSalon
   As of June, hired at Annual Reviews - was Science History Institute. More writing about science!
   Working with textiles and crafts with folks in NYC : 
   For Miranda Pratt:  edit-a-thon tomorrow :
    Missouri Remembers: Artists in Missouri through 1951 Editathon
   Doreva Belfiore - Philadelphia WikiSalon
   September Salon demo - The Wikipedia Library (TWL) - new UI refresh
   New single search box being demo'ed - upcoming in the future
   October 2021 Session for WCNA: How to navigate copyright for US serials and journals
   Case studies plus guest speaker - John Mark Ockerbloom from University of Pennsylvania on the Deep Backfile Project to open journals for which copyright expired or was not renewed 
   Andrew Lih
   working on tools to help institutions upload images not just from their hard drive (like with PattyPan) but to be able to sideload a URL
   Creative Commons summit
   WCNA 2021
   Election for WMF board
   went through, Rosie-Stephenson Goodnight and other people we know are in the election (are they elected yet?)
   WREN is in a "non-geographical" group that would be part of selecting affiliates
   Andrew showed us part of his presentation for Hack4OpenGLAM on an idea for a WikiAPI Connector 
   Extract, Transform, Load (ETA) Connector
   Pattypan can't sideload
   it doesn't help to map the metadata
   GLAM Wiki Toolset is dead :-(
   "transform" step is difficult
   make a "mini" openrefine; don't reinvent the sewing machine but just change the spool
   Used YAML (Yet Another Meta Language) to change JSON metadata to Commons template!
   Andrew is looking for other open APIs to test
   you need at least TASL (Title, Author, Source, and License)
   right now Andrew is doing test cases but it can easily scale up (to hundreds/thousands of uploads)
   Q from Martin: what about Wikidata? It takes care of other languages and multiple photos of the same object. 
   A from Andrew: I'm working on a way to integrate with Wikidata via Wikibase. We prioritize Commons because not everything we want to upload passes Wikidata notability requirements; copying strings is easier for now and a bot can structure the data later
   SPAQRL queries with Wikidata better with images now (?)
   you can run openrefine on the cloud now: see
   Presentation with sample yaml file:
   Sample YAML file:
   WMF has prioritized adding reference statements to SDC, based on feedback from GLAM types
   OpenRefine runs in the cloud now:
   Some explanations on
   tldr; the link is
   Querybuilder on Wikidata :
   Richard Q: Agriculture is listed as a type of craft. Is that true?
   Jamie A: I can see it being considered a craft, especially with animals raised to be turned into a fiber, or with hobby farming, or "U-pick" systems 
   Mary: agriculture doesn't typically create things that you make with your hands
   Jamie: Yeah, mostly with fibers I think.
   Jamie: WikiProject craft, you might be interested in the Textile museum in DC
   Richard planning an in-person crafting event with Wikimedians in New York
   Effie: Added 800k assets to Smithsonian Open Access in 2021. Working on descriptive standards for adding gender information to collections for the upcoming Smithsonian American Women's History Museum.