Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network/2019

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  1. Meetups, as documented below
  2. Contribution of recommendations to Wikimedia Strategy Process 2030
    1. May 2019 strategy
    2. Ideas brought to the process by one of our WiR members FULBERT who is also on the Recommendatons Writers and Integration Team.
  3. Development of documentation
    1. Revision of Meta page Wikimedian in residence based on the current span of Wikimedian in Residence efforts that lists typical tasks and contributions
    2. Wikidata visualizations

Meetups for Wikimedians in Residence[edit]

These are the 2019 meetups of and for members of the Wikimedians in Residence Network (WREN). The monthly meetings occur online via Zoom, while in-person gatherings at global Wikimedia events happen in-person. They involve discussions and updates related to current Wikipedian in residence accomplishments, tasks, challenges, trainings, and opportunities.

2019 summaries[edit]

Supporting organizations[edit]

This list is recognition from the Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network that the following organizations host a Wikimedian in Residence who collaborates with others in this network through mutual support, assistance, peer-to-peer project review, and overall demonstration of respect and civility.

The Wikipedia community thanks all organizations who contribute to Wikimedia projects in this way. This is a community-maintained list, and the presence of an organization on this list is no indication of any partnership, perspective, nor endorsement for this or any organization.