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This meeting[edit]

2nd Wednesday of the month at 12 noon New York time.
Wed December 11 12pm – 1pm Eastern Time - New York
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Agenda and notes[edit]

Items for every meeting
  1. Richard
  2. Lane
  3. Anne
  4. Jamie
  5. Esther Jackson - NY Botanical Garden
  6. Andrew
  7. Daniel


Wecome, introductions, and updates:

  1. Anne - not a Wikimedian in Residence but a long time Wikipedia editor, librarian, and archivist. Interested in hearing of opportunities to do Wikimedian in Residence projects. Most recently engaged in an Open Access project at an academic library and has also edited about the history of cities.
  2. Jamie Flood - Hi I'm Jamie - Wikipedian-in-Residence at the National Agricultural Library. I've been working on metadata in Wikidata for Historical Agricultural Research publications and current research within PubAg on Guayule. We're working on sharing these publications and research more widely as it picks up steam. Also working on engaging our Agriculture Network Information Collaborators with Wikipedia - most of them are new to Wikipedia so we're doing some one on one training right now and hoping to do some workshops at our upcoming conference.
  3. Richard commented that agriculture content is underrepresented in Wikipedia but in high demand
  4. Esther - Wikimedian in Residence at the New York Botanical Garden. Working on a project to share citations and biospeciment content.
  5. Andrew Lih - collaborates with Metropolitan Museum of Art, does tool building, various outreach projects in DC. I am interested to talk about Wikimedian in Residence training today.
  6. Richard - WiR @ Met Museum, also developing Wikidata games
  1. Wikidata Conference 2019
    Andrew: At Wikidata Conference Richard and I recently presented our mass upload tool for images into Commons and data into Wikidata.
    Link to slides:
    Linked open data workflow -
    Richard: At Wikidata Conference the "Sum of All Paintings" project won the "best community" award, and our museum community is a part of that. Also at this conference some Wikimedians in the United #:States collaborated with Wikimedians in Brazil on the Mbabel tool, a "Museum of Babel" tool for cataloging and profiling artworks.
  2. WikiConference North America 2020
    Richard: What happened with the Wikimedians in Residence meetup?
    Lane: There was casual conversation. One request was for more documentation on how organizations and individuals can do projects in this way. I recently re-drafted the meta page and anyone can edit it.
    Esther - Interest around climate change at WCNA
    Wish for Wikimedian in Residence related to climate change
  3. List of GLAM oriented sessions at WCNA in the GLAM newsletter:
  4. Andrew - NAS edit-a-thon in February 18-20 , perhaps oriented around climate change. The Credibility Coalition, who sponsored WikiConference North America, is sponsoring this event.
    Jamie - I at the National Agriculture Library am interested in participating in this conference! (yes yes join) Also, the first librarian at the National Academy of Sciences was a former director of the National Agriculture Library.
  5. Andrew: Google, Microsoft, and Facebook were at WikiConference North America.
    Esther: Google was straightforward in using the term "emerging markets" when they talked about engagement in Wikimedia projects.
    Lane: Consider that a few months ago, Google gave the Wikimedia Foundation money to translate wiki content, especially Wikidata, in languages of India. This seems useful, but the ethical challenge is that when projects get funded, they tend to attract volunteer labor and attention away from whatever the volunteers would otherwise be doing. Another complication is that Wikimedia India, the Wikimedia chapter supporting the community in India, just last month got de-recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation as an affiliate. The situation is complicated, but Wikimedia India did have many community volunteer supporters and had not received funding from the WMF in 3 years. With the derecognition, there is also a disturbance in India where people deal with that instead of talking about Google. A position that we might take is to advocate that funding gifts like Google somehow support Wikimedian in Residence positions, perhaps at local universities or similar, which can encourage ethical discussion about complicated social issues.
    Jamie: USDA is actually working with Microsoft on real time information and information access - for rural access in particular. USDA has announced millions of dollars in support of rural broadband which I'm guessing is connected to that
  6. Wikimedia Summit
    Our organization has an invitation for one person to attend this spring conference to participate in Wikimedia movement strategy. The deadline to register is 16 December.
    There have already been calls for candidates with no one expressing interest.
    Andrew and Daniel said that they planned to go representing other organizations. Richard and Esther
    Richard and Esther are candidates and will talk with each other about this to see if they can choose among themselves.
  7. Andrew: We need Wikimedian in Residence Training! The first one was in 2013 with Lane and Andrew in attendence. Wikimedia DC is considering hosting another event in 2020.
    Esther: Have we polled or surveyed WIR for what they would like to see?
    Jamie: I can assist with surveying as well. I think it's a great starting place.
    Esther: Would like to see a basic ontology of the Wikimedia ecosystem!
    Richard: How to manage an institution versus an individual presence
    Andrew: This might help - a 10 minute primer from Wikimania on what is happening in GLAM:
    Jamie: I didn't have any training either. Agreed on explanation/overview of the ecosystem/structure/what's available out there in WikiWorld
    Jamie: Can you incorporate virtual participation options? I think John Sadowski has done a lot of Virtual training moduals for NIOSH - maybe he'd be a good resource?
    Lane: Can you invite international participants, such as from LMICs?
    Andrew: Credibility Coalition, the sponsor, is United States focused. We might be able to get funding from other sources.
  8. Andrew: Sort of related - the "Finding GLAMs" project has some funding to support the "Sum of all GLAMs" project. They might be able to sponsor a part of this.
  9. Esther - I have an unrelated question. Does anyone know how to manage ISSNs in Wikidata?
    The organization which manages ISSNs tried to find Wikidata collaborators about a year ago. They are probably still interested in a project. Write me.
  10. Anne: It has been interesting listening to the concerns and aspirations that you have. It is wonderful that you meet every month.Thanks!
    Andrew: You are welcome, others are welcome too!