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Integrators will review feedback from the movement, guidance from the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, and input from reviewers that was provided in January and February, 2020, about the pre-final version of the recommendations. They will then work on integrating this into the content to help create the final version of the movement strategy recommendations. Integrators will be joined by Nicole Ebber, Kaarel Vaidla, Bhav Patel, Tanveer Hasan, and Mehrdad Pourzaki from the Movement Strategy Core Team.

Members A team of former working group members and a strategy salon community organizer will integrate feedback and finalize the recommendations:

Name Organization / project Previous Role Geography
John Andersson Wikimedia Sverige Resource Allocation WG member / Reviewer Northern Europe
Geoffrey Kateregga Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda Community Organizer, Local and Regional Strategy Salons Eastern Africa
Jeffrey Keefer Wiki LGBT+ User Group; Wikimedia NYC Capacity Building WG member / Writer Northern America, Western Europe
Marc Miquel-Ribé Amical Wikimedia Diversity WG member / Writer Western Europe
Guillaume Paumier Wikimedia Foundation Revenue Streams WG member Northern America, Western Europe
Anna Torres Wikimedia Argentina Roles and Responsibilities WG member / Writer Latin America
Nicola Zeuner Wikimedia Deutschland Capacity Building WG member / Writer Central Europe

Integrating feedback and input to create the final recommendations

Here is what is currently planned :

  • Together, we will improve the language so that it is more clear and easier to translate.
  • We will review all movement feedback (this has already started). If we see that there is widespread support for particular changes to be made to a recommendation or area of content, or non-controversial suggestions for improvement, we will make the respective adjustments.
  • There are some topics or recommendations that would have a different impact in different contexts, including for online communities and the organized part of the movement. This means that the feedback here may be quite mixed, as what works in one setting may not work in another. These will be considered in more detail when developing implementation plans.

The team of integrators listed above, as well as the core team and Wikimedia Foundation Chief of Staff Ryan Merkley, will meet from March 10 to 12 in New York City to work together on this in person. They will be joined for part of the meeting by Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director, Katherine Maher. Every participant will take part in discussions, content development, and actual writing.

The core team's aim is to have the recommendations finalized and published in late March. A rationale for things that have not been considered will be provided, too.