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University of Virginia

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University of Virginia (UVA) is a school in the United States' state of Virginia. This Meta-Wiki documentation lists Wikimedia projects either done by people at the university, or done by anyone but about UVA, or done by anyone using information and media from UVA. The Wikimedia community maintains this documentation and anyone can edit it.



As of 2019 there are several faculty and staff at the University of Virginia who engage in Wikimedia projects. One person, Lane Rasberry user:bluerasberry, is Wikimedian in Residence at the Data Science Institute of the university and only does Wikimedia projects. For orientation of Wikimedia at UVA contact Lane.

Wikimedia engagement at the university includes the following:

  1. Sharing information with Wikidata, including both giving and taking information to the mutual enrichment of Wikidata and the university's data collections
  2. Data science research using Wikimedia projects as a large, interesting, relevant dataset for students to do machine learning
  3. Wikipedia education program participation to do Wikipedia editing in the classroom, including also some orientation to Linked Open Data in Wikipedia
  4. Media sharing, including the curation of free and open media from the university in Wikimedia Commons
  5. Outreach and community programming, including lectures and workshops to invite anyone to discuss new media with its related technology and social issues

Wikipedia Research Lab


The Wikipedia Research Lab is a project of the Center for Ethics and Justice in the Data Science Institute at the University of Virginia. The lab supports research related to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia platform at the university.

  • mapping
  • art
  • labor classification
  • Wikipedia gaps
  • election data
  • museum classification
  • patents
  • web archiving
  • research project metadata

Development of Wiki content


This project invites everyone to develop Wikimedia content related to the University of Virginia or with information from the University of Virginia.