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Evaluate & report

Post-event surveys, tips for follow up and reporting templates.

Reporting Guidelines

Project leads are responsible for ensuring that reporting requirements are met, and should review their grant agreements carefully to understand the reporting requirements specific to their grant. Before you agree to receive a grant, please read these requirements carefully and make sure you can meet the requirements. If you have questions about reporting requirements, please contact WMF. Until your report is submitted, you will not be in compliance with program requirements. This means you won't be able to receive any grants from WMF. If you need an extension on your reporting deadline, email your program officer before the report deadline.

How to complete a report

  1. For all Conference and Event Grants, a final report is due by 60 days after the grant end date listed in the grant submission.
  2. Keep track of receipts and budget. It is important that team members, and scholarship recipients are documenting expenses in a shared spreadsheet and photographing receipts and invoices as soon as you receive them so that you have all of the necessary financial information in a central place.
  3. Publish your complete report on the Grantee Portal (Fluxx). Your report should be complete, with informative answers to each and every required question on the grant report form. Email your program officer when the report has been submitted.
  4. Submit detailed information about your expenses on the Grantee Portal (Fluxx). Please review the guidelines for Documenting project expenses before you spend any grant funds.

Start your report as soon as your grant is approved

After your grant proposal is approved, you will discuss the program with a WMF Program Officer. During that conversation you will plan activities and sessions for the conference and talk about what kind of documentation or evaluation you should do during the conference to keep track of all of the valuable things that happen in discussions, projects and workshops. If you start a draft of the report as soon as you begin planning the program, you can use it as a tool to plan sessions and keep important notes about what follow up needs to be done after the conference.

Event Evaluation Toolkit - In this page you can find a list of basic questions that the Wikimedia Foundation uses to evaluate large movement events like Wikimania and other regional and thematic events. Feel free to use any part of these questionnaires to evaluate your own event. You will find: Registration Questions; Post-event questions for participants and Follow-up questions for participants.

Create a Report

  1. Go to Wikimedia Foundation Grantee Portal (Fluxx) and log in.
  2. Find the Reports section on the left sidebar. Select the Upcoming link to see all your upcoming reports.
  3. Select your Conference Fund report and click Edit. Respond to the questions in the form. You can write it in any preferred language.
  4. Click Save or Save and close to save your report.
  5. When your report is complete, click Submit to submit it for review.

You can prepare the report offline. Make a copy of the reporting form, respond to the questions and copy responses to Fluxx later.

Reporting form template: English