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Grants:Conference/Event Categories

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Event Categories


Regional Events


Regional events are meant for creating and developing national and regional platforms for experience sharing, skill building, and networking. The purpose of these events is to bring together Wikimedians to tackle shared challenges focusing on similar geographic locations, culture and languages. Developing more regional leadership platforms (such as Iberocoop; WISCom, ESEAP and the CEE group) will be highly encouraged. Some examples for National and regional conferences are: WikiConference India, WikiConference North America, and Regional affiliate meetings such as WikiArabia, ESEAP Conference, CEE Meeting and Wiki Indaba.

Thematic Events


Thematic events are events that center around existing and defined themes related to the Wikimedia movement.

  • Focusing on specific projects like Wikidata, Wikisource, or a specific language Wikipedia
  • Focusing on a specific topic like diversity, women's camps, education or strategy
  • Other: events like Celtic Knot or Tamali WP 15 years celebration,

Growth Events


Growth events are our newest category of events defined in the conference grants program. This category is meant to leave space for new ideas coming from community organizers.

  • First time events with the most potential for community growth (examples: focusing on new demographics such as emerging communities and elderly or youth)
  • New and innovative ideas around type of event / event structure / event content (including remote events)
  • New coalitions and collaborations between groups (examples: a new affiliate or user group partnering with a long term affiliate, an event focused on bringing together wikimedia community organizers to share ideas)