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Step 1: Create an event planning page

You must have an event planning page to post a statement of intent. The purpose of the event planning page is to centralize planning discussions so potential participants and the conference grant committee know where to find up-to-date information on event plans. An event planning page provides a space to give feedback and input on these plans before you develop a grant proposal.

The event planning page should:

  • Summarize the planning discussions that have happened on wiki, Facebook, in-person and on mailing lists in a few sentences.
  • Outline the the goals, topics and outcomes that have been discussed by the core organizing team.
  • Ask relevant communities to vote on which goals and topics are most important, and share ideas or concerns that should be considered.
  • Confirm that the dates and location of the event works for the majority of potential participants.
  • Find out how many people are likely to participate in the event, and what resources should be included in the grant request, i.e. funding for partial or full scholarships; administrative and/or financial support for travel visas, professional trainer or facilitator.

Step 2: Post a statement of intent All requests over US$10,000 are required to post a statement of intent on this page at least 6 months before the date of the proposed event. Requests for less than US$10,000 must post a statement of intent at least 4 months before the date of the proposed event.

To post a statement of intent, click the button below and add the details for your event to the table, including a link to the event planning page. A WMF grants program officer will review the event planning page to ensure the proposed event and/or grantee meets eligibility criteria.

Post a statement of intent

Event Date(s) Location Conference Name Event Planning Page Contact Person Budget Status
Aug or Sep 2017 São Paulo, Brazil First Brazilian Conference on Wiki Scientific Dissemination First Brazilian Conference on Wiki Scientific Dissemination Sturm; Joalpe $ 38,569.5 Proposed
October 7-10 2016 San Diego, California WikiCon North America WikiConference North America 2016 FloNight;Rosiestep US$ 50,000 Funded
December Mexico City, Mexico WikiWomen Camp WikiWomen Camp 2016 Wotancito $41,143 Proposed
January 2017 Accra, Ghana WikiIndaba Conference WikiIndaba Conference FlixteyRberchie $50,000 Proposed
March, 10-12 2017 Trento, Italy Italian WikiCon 2017 Italian WikiCon 2017 Jaqen US$ 19,126.20 Proposed