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The Wikimedia Foundation has recently launched two new grant programs:

Rapid Grants provide quick support throughout the year for projects up to USD 2000.
Project Grants are awarded quarterly for all types of offline and online projects. Open call for proposals July 1 - August 2, 2016!

Please note these new programs replace Individual Engagement Grants (IEG) and Project & Event Grants (PEG). IEG and PEG are no longer accepting applications.

Wikimedia Foundation Grantmaking
Travel and Participation Support

Travel funding to participate in mission-aligned events.
Rapid Grants

Quick support for individuals, groups, and organizations under USD 2,000.
Project Grants

Comprehensive project support for individuals, groups, and organizations over USD 2,000.
Annual Plan Grants

Funding the annual budgets and mission objectives of mission-allied groups and organizations.
Grantmaking Lunch, Wikimania 2013.JPG
Increasing the quantity, quality, diversity, and reach of free knowledge.

Supporting mission-allied people and organizations around the world.
New grants programs starting on July 1st, 2016.
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Our approach

Wikimedia Foundation Community Resources team, Wikimedia contributors, and affiliate organizations work together to find and fund innovative and important projects, and to evaluate and share the impact of the work being done across the movement. In addition to financial support, we provide grantees with tools, mentorship, and opportunities to tell their own stories and share their knowledge.

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Our goals

We encourage projects that provide opportunities to reach the Wikimedia movement's goal of spreading participation in free culture across boundaries of language, gender, and geography. We seek out opportunities for growth in under-represented demographics, smaller and newer Wikimedia projects, and communities in the global south. We focus on providing individuals within these communities with information and tools to help them succeed.

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Who we are

Wikimedia Grantmaking is a collaboration between grantees, WMF staff, volunteer committees, and Wikimedians from across the globe. We connect people from dozens of Wikimedia projects and geographies within our worldwide free culture movement.

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Submit a proposal

Our grantmaking programs offer a range of options for supporting different kinds of projects. We fund projects for individual contributors, teams, user groups and chapters.

Travel and Participation Support Rapid Grants Project Grants

Annual Plan Grants

Funding for individual contributors to travel to participate in events. Quick support for individuals, groups, and organizations who lead projects under USD 2,000. Comprehensive project support for individuals, groups, and organizations over USD 2,000. Funding annual plans for groups and organizations.
Proposals accepted at any time. Proposals accepted any time. Proposals accepted at any time. Proposals accepted any time.
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Join a committee

Our committees are made up of volunteer contributors, WMF staff members, and movement affiliates. Eligibility criteria and responsibilities vary by committee. If you are interested in participating in one of our committees, visit the program's committee page for more information.

Travel & Participation Support Committee Rapid Grants Committee Project Grants Committee Funds Dissemination Committee
Representatives of contributing chapters may participate. WMF Community Resources team All eligible Wikimedians may apply. Eligible Wikimedians 21 years or older may be elected or appointed.
Membership is ongoing, with active contribution. Not applicable. Membership is ongoing, with active contribution. 2-year membership term, renewable by community election or re-appointment.
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Share knowledge

We value bold ideas and data-driven innovation. Effective grantmaking requires community involvement at every point in the process. Our community portals provide shared workspaces for proposing and refining new ideas, asking questions, and sharing valuable lessons.

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Grantmaking blog

We reach a global audience, in multiple languages, across and beyond the boundaries of our movement. On the Grantmaking blog grantees share stories from ongoing and completed projects, and grantmakers offer new and notable updates about our programs.

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Guiding documents

Our grantmaking is done in public and reports back to the communities we serve. We honor the Wikimedia movement’s commitment to openness and transparency by publishing our plans, budgets, and reports on-wiki. We welcome input on our priorities and processes from the donors who fund our work, and our volunteer colleagues.