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Learning and Evaluation/Plan your program metrics/Recruit new users

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Learning and Evaluation

Recruit New Users

Goal: Increase number of new user accounts
Example Programs, Projects, or Events
  • Invite users to make new accounts and teach them how to edit (e.g. Wikipedia Adventure)
  • Teach the public about creating an account and editing at a local gallery, library, archive, or museum
  • Teach groups about the policies, politics, and issues with Wikimedia, and invite them to contribute

Measurement Tool


Number of organizing and supporting staff and volunteers (ambassadors, mentors etc.)

Count of supporting staff and volunteers

Meeting Records, Logs, Reported estimates

Hours invested by staff and volunteers organizing and executing

Estimate of hours invested

Calendar Records, Logs, Reported estimates

In-kind donations (prizes, etc),

Estimated value in currency (comparable cost)

Funds or money used

Budget accounting

Budget spreadsheet

Measurement Tool


( Acquisition )

Number of participants involved in the project or program event

Count of total number of participants

Project or event page or other participant tracking

Number of existing users

Count of participants with usernames

Project or event page or other username list

Number of New Users Recruited

Number New Users

Wikimetrics, Newly Registered

Measurement Tool

Short term outcomes

( Activation )

Number of New Users who became Editors

Number of New Editors (1-9 edits over lifetime)

Wikimetrics, Threshold (from account registration forward) or Edits (from event date forward)

Participant motivation to contribute

Participant self-report

Poll or questionnaire

Participant skills (editing skills, policy knowledge, process awareness)

Participant self-report AND/OR direct observation

Poll or questionnaire AND/OR quizzes/tasks with monitoring (i.e., human observer or mechanical observation via Wikimetrics/Mediawiki)

Measurement Tool

Intermediate outcomes

( Productivity )

Number of participants who became contributors
(10+ edits over lifetime)

Number of Contributors (10+ edits over lifetime)

Wikimetrics, Threshold (from account registration date forward) or Edits (from event date forward)

Amount of text improved

Number of bytes added or removed

Wikimetrics, Bytes Added

( Retention )

New Editor retention

Number of new editors survived (i.e., 1+ edit in 30-days) first 30 days and at 3, 6, and 12 months

Wikimetrics - Survival (from account registration date forward) or Edits (from event date forward)