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Install Pattypan

  1. Before installing, make sure that the latest version of Java is installed on your computer. Download Java here:
  2. Download Pattypan from: and save the .jar file.

Prepare a folder containing the files you wish to upload to Wikimedia Commons on your computer.

Create a spreadsheet to be filled in with object descriptions

  1. Run the pattypan.jar file,
  2. Click Generate spreadsheet and navigate to a folder on your computer containing the files you would like to upload.
  3. Choose columns: Select the fields, which you would like to include in the file descriptions (e.g. date, dimensions, institution, source, etc.) The selected values will be converted into column headings — you will then be able to fill the columns with appropriate information. Note: some fields are mandatory.

Step 3: Select your chosen description fields...

  1. After selecting your chosen fields, click Create Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be created in the same folder, in which your image files (to be uploaded) are placed.
  2. Click Open to open the generated spreadsheet. Pattypan will be automatically closed.

Fill in the spreadsheet with file descriptions

  1. Fill in the fields (Author, title, and all your chosen fields) with appropriate information.
  2. Click File --> Save. Close the spreadsheet.
  3. Run Pattypan again and click Validate and upload.
  4. Navigate to the folder on the computer containing the spreadsheet (and images) and select the spreadsheet. Check for error notifications (empty fields, other errors). Click Next.
  5. Login with your Wikimedia Commons username and password. Click Upload to upload all items and descriptions to Wikimedia Commons.