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Project authors[edit]


I'm a long-term Wikimedian. I have been working as webdeveloper since 2014, but besides that I've done some coding using Java language. I'm the author of VicuñaUploader, a popular Wikimedia Commons upload tool. I also help Polish chapter in GLAM cooperation by writing small upload scripts based on the needs of a specific GLAM project.

Marta Malina Moraczewska[edit]

I intend to volunteer on this project, as it in my opinion would considerably widen the group of small GLAM institutions collaborating with Wikimedia and eliminate some problems at entry level. I'm also the GLAM-Wiki coordinator for Wikimedia Poland, which would allow me to more easily enlist GLAM institutions (from at least 3 different countries) to help test and implement the tool.


Jacek Fink-Finowicki[edit]

I'm volunteer in Wikimedia Poland. I would like test new tool for uplaoding file.

Contact: By pl:wiki

Wojciech Pędzich / User:Wpedzich[edit]

A volunteer from Wikimedia Poland, would love to see the tool used by some of our GLAM partnerships, most notably the European Solidarity Centre, with which I cooperate within the GLAM initiative.

Contact: via wiki or wpedzich(_AT_)gmail.com

Sara Thomas / User:lirazelf[edit]

I'm currently the Wikimedian in Residence at Museums Galleries Scotland, and first used the tool for a small GLAM-Wiki collaboration with Groam House Museum in Rosemarkie, Scotland. I've been working across the Scottish Museums Sector since January 2015 and can see huge potential for the use of this tool, in partnership with the Visual Editor, to encourage smaller GLAMs to get more involved with Wiki.

Contact: via en:wiki