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From Bolivian schools to Wikipedia
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summaryThe informational content on Bolivia found in Wikipedia is not sufficient given that the population has limited knowledge about the way this resource works
targetSpanish Wikipedia and local community
strategic priorityincrease participation
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created on04:09, 23 September 2014 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

The informational content on Bolivia found in Wikipedia is not sufficient given that the population has limited knowledge about the way this resource works, how the contents are produced, and who produces them. On the other hand, most of the population does not have the technical skills needed to develop and share information through digital media. High school students are an interesting population that could benefit from this project by developing and sharing relevant information about Bolivia on the net.

What is your solution?[edit]

The proposal is to train teachers and students through workshops on how to create and publish Wikipedia contents. Since the Bolivian government has provided computers to a large population of public school students in their last year of high school, this seems to be a particularly appropriate context to develop a project in order to share and develop information, because it allows engaging a big young population that has recently gained access to technology. Since students will be involved in this project as part of their school work, the contents will be related to topics in their areas of interest, however the project intends to share knowledge that will allow a big population to develop contributions for Wikipedia in the long run.

Project goals[edit]

Encourage school students and teachers to publish on Wikipedia rather than just be consumers.

Project plan[edit]


Materials design: a user guide will be designed compounding all the materials and information revised on the workshops. This guide is meant to be a resource for students and teachers that can also be used in other schools and levels.

Workshops: agreements will be made with the schools that will be part of the project in order to engage students and teachers in the project. With this framework, the workshops will be developed in conjunction with teachers to address their needs and lectures. Each workshop will last approximately a week or less. As part of this work students will learn how to publish contents on Wikipedia. Although the Bolivian Government is making efforts on providing the infrastructure for expanding connectivity and developing technology, the lack of Internet connections is still a problem in the schools, being a reason why the people facilitating the workshops will need to setup wifi zones for their work. In order to cover approximately 300 schools as mentioned above, it will be necessary to hire 3 facilitators, each one will be in charge of 60 workshops throughout the six-month project.

Quality Contents competition: As a final activity, all students involved with the project will be invited to enter a contest that will encourage them to develop high quality contents. The committee evaluating the projects will be composed by teachers and facilitators that will evaluate the contents as well as technical skills used in each project. The competition will also serve as a way to spread the word about the work done with the schools on a bigger scale. Financial resources will be needed in order to cover the awards, though it is expected for other institutions to get involved in the competition and in doing so offer some resources for awards, too.


  • 3 datashow, for workshop and Wikimedia Bolivia future use, 1800 $
  • 3 digital cameras, for workshop, record this experience and future work of Wikimedia Bolivia 450 $
  • 1 multifunction printer include 3 toners, for materials and office work, 1500$
  • Telephony receipt 300$
  • 3 LTE internet connection for 6 months 800$
  • Project management four months (include grant global taxes 18%) 3500$
  • Assistant for four months 1800$
  • 105 Workshops, total 6825

Workshop of 6hr, 4 days of classes. Detail

  • Transport, 5$
  • Instructor for 6hrs, 60$

Total 16975$

Community engagement[edit]

We will start looking for voluntaries with small workshops on local universities and increasing local community meeting to get a strong team. Then we wrok closed to the teachers to increase level of use wikipedia and generate content.


We wish this model of workshops are reproduced by the students in junior class. In every workshop we made especial emphasis in community values.

Measures of success[edit]

The measure sources will be:

  • 5500 students trained on how to create and publish Wikipedia contents.
  • Increment of informational content on Bolivia in Wikipedia.
  • Increment of the participation on Wikipedia at the local level.
  • Quality Contents on El Alto and Bolivia.

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