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Hi I'm Addis Wang, a psychology major student in Ohio State. i joined Wikipedia in 2008, and became an administrator in middle 2012. I currently focus on community development to help improve the health of the community.

Yhz1221 (耶叶爷)[edit]

Yhz1221 is a high school student in San Francisco Bay Area. He joined Wikipedia in 2009, and became an administrator in February 2013. He is currently one of the youngest administrators on Chinese Wikipedia. He is working as the chief editor of the Wikipedia monthly magazine, or journal, called Wikipedians, currently launches once a month.


Greetings everybody, I'm Ranyv, a physics major student in Dalian China. I joined Wikipedia in 2010, and start to spread Wikipedia for 2012 summer holiday. I've start to organize promotion platform in many websites, like Guokr.com, which have developed nearly 7000 followers in months.