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Grants:IEG/Enhance the ProveIt gadget/Timeline

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Timeline for Enhance the ProveIt gadget

Timeline Date
Migrate the gadget to Gerrit, the GitHub issues to Phabricator, the live code and documentation to Commons. July 2016
Finish the integration with TemplateData, start spreading the word. August 2016
Localise the gadget to the top Wikipedia languages, continue the spread campaign. Sepember 2016
Integrate the gadget with Wikidata or a custom database at Tool Labs, continue the spread campaign. October and November 2016
Fix reported bugs, add requested enhancements, continue the spread campaign. December 2016

Monthly updates





  • Improved the gadget code so that it uses the revision tags I requested, improved the integration with TemplateData, fixed some bugs and made several enhancements.
  • Created the gadget documentation at Commons.
  • Latest gadget code is now hosted at Commons (here and here).
  • Spanish and English Wikipedias now use the code at Commons (see here and here).
  • Learned about WikiCite 2016.
  • Code migration to Gerrit complete, see here.


  • Tried to update the gadget at the English Wikipedia to the latest version but the community requested several changes. Spent most of the month doing these requests. The most significant are:
    • Restored automatic edit summaries
    • Restored the functionality to cite references
    • ProveIt now remembers the last template used
    • ProveIt can now be resized and moved around
    • Values are now preserved when you switch from template to template
  • Added a few unrequested features:
    • References without template can now also be edited from the interface
    • References with a template and with content before and/or after are now sensibly managed
    • There's now a Remove button to delete the selected reference and all its citations.
  • Fixed several bugs.


  • Learned about Librarybase
  • Requested and got added to the Project-Admins group in Phabricator so that I can create projects and subprojects with ease.
  • Created a Phabricator project for ProveIt and migrated all issues from GitHub to Phabricator.
  • GitHub repo is now empty, only a README remains pointing to Phabricator, Gerrit and Commons.
  • French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, German and Polish localizations.
  • French, Russian, Italian and Portuguese communities enabled the gadget.
  • All documentation and links centralized at Commons:Help:Gadget-ProveIt.
  • Several bugs fixed and enhancements implemented.
  • Created a task for getting feedback on Wikidata integration.


  • Finnish and Bengali localizations.
  • English, Finnish and Bengali communities enabled the gadget.
  • Fixed some issues reported by the English community.

December - June