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This page documents some procedures for the Individual Engagement Grants program. These are the steps that staff and volunteers operating the program follow at various stages in the IEGrants lifecycle.

Extensions & renewals[edit]


If the grantee anticipates that they will be unable to complete their project as-scoped within 6 months, they may request an extension by adding a new section to the bottom of the "Timeline" page for their project. WMF may request input from the committee before approving the request.


Grants that demonstrate strong potential for impact and sufficient need for further funding may be offered a renewal grant of 6 additional months. WMF may approve renewals for up to 50% of IEGs from any given round. WIth good rationale, these renewals may include an updated or expanded scope and budget to the cap of $30,000, and should include updated measures of success for the second 6 months.

The renewals process:

  • Grantee submits final report (within 30 days after their project ends).
  • WMF grantmaking staff reviews final reports, with a focus on impact and needs assessment (within 15 days of the grant report).
  • WMF compiles renewal recommendations from each round based on their assessments, and shares this with the Committee.
  • WMF works with the grantee to develop a proposed scope, budget, and measures of success for a renewal grant.
  • Grantee notifies community of renewal request.
  • WMF notifies Committee of renewal request.
  • Input is collected from both the Committee and the broader community (10 day comments period).
  • Committee may also choose to hold private discussion via internal channels at the same time, sharing back on-wiki any statements that they see fit to make during this period.
  • WMF takes community and Committee input into account to approve or reject the renewal (end of 10 day comments period).
  • WMF works with approved grantees to setup agreements. (no more than 2 months after project end date)