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Research: GLAM Institutions support educational Programmes in Botswana
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Museum publications as part of GLAM Institutions can be used by teachers as supplementary resources on a wide range of heritage topics related to the curriculum as a great way of disseminating information to student thereby giving each student an opportunity to have something to write about on Wikipedia. Outreach programs such as these will encourage everyone to develop learning attitude and sharing collections within the encyclopedia and also they could be used in a variety of lesson plans from social studies to science by teachers to mentor students or even be uploaded on Wiki Varsity as a learning material. Children would be responsible for bringing knowledge, maintaining frequent displays and gathering more information, as a way of developing their research and analytical skills hence growing the great encyclopedia.
created on: 11:31, 20 February 2013‎

Project idea[edit]

Recognizing the need to reach audiences beyond small towns and large cities of (Botswana) about the existence of Museums,Libraries,Galleries and Monuments as a volunteers from Botswana i am planning to undertake a project which collaborate both the Ministry of Education with various schools and the Division of the Botswana National Museums to developed and expand several outreach programs and services for primary schools around the country and encourage students to edit and write educational articles on Wikipedia about GLAM Institutions and to increase student participation on Wikipedia Projects.

The aim of this program is to build on the work of the Mobile GLAM Service and intensify the GLAM’s relationship with schools by demonstrating to teacher’s practical ways in which GLAM institutions could serve as an educational resource for learners. This programme is also a way of bringing real time collaboration between teacher to Students participation also on Wikipedia Projects such as (Wikipedia, Wiki Loves Monuments and Wikiversity), that is to say the knowledge they grasp from touring GLAM Institutions will be enough for them to share it with the globe on Wikipedia hence promoting active involvement,life time engagement on Wikimedia projects.

Project goals[edit]

  • The aim of this project is to introduce schools to support,recruit and engage them on Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia and Wikiversity.
  • This project will also aim at introducing teacher to students interaction in developing and maintaining the quality of articles on Wikipedia.
  • The project aims at improving active interaction of wiki medians online,sharing and disseminating knowledge between each user on Wikimedia Projects.
  • Collaborating GLAM institutions with the community to meet cultural needs of each user hence improving active participation.

Get involved[edit]

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