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Task 1. Prototype the WikiBrain Tools API:[edit]

  • March - August 2015
  • Implement basic necessary algorithmic enhancements to WikiBrain.
  • Design particular API calls.
  • Determine resource sharing scheme for CPU, bandwidth, etc.

Task 2. Engage the WikiTools and Wikipedia research communities[edit]

  • March - August 2015
  • Identify WikiTools developers and Wikipedia researchers that may benefit from WikiBrain
  • Point potential audience to prototype API.
  • Introduce audience to WikiBrain's feature set, ask which features would be most valuable, and identify any new features that would be valuable.
  • Identify a WikiTool to serve as an early-adopter and alpha-tester for WikiBrainTools.

Task 3. Implement and refine the API[edit]

  • March - December 2015
  • Possible major code enhancements:
    • Shift from existing custom Wikidata code to IEG-supported Wikidata Toolkit.
    • Reduce resource requirements for large languages (e.g. EN) by publishing pre-analyzed datasets.
    • Improve algorithmic support for under-served languages.
    • Implement resource sharing module.
    • Develop REST interface for each API call.
    • Any additional features requested by WikiTools developers.
  • Write client module in most common WikiTool languages (Python and ?PHP?).
  • Test code: Unit testing, functional testing, performance testing.
  • Write documentation: Integration guide, WikiBrain conceptual guide, Documentation for each API call.

Task 4. Deploy the WikiBrain Tools API[edit]

  • August - December 2015
  • Deploy API instance on Wikimedia Labs
  • Work with one early adopter Tool to test and refine the API. Contribute to software development integration work in early adopter tool if needed.
  • Conduct performance benchmarks. Optimize algorithms and adjust resource sharing modules as needed.
  • Semi-publicly launch WikiBrainTools API with limited number of access tokens. Monitor resource usage.
  • Publicly launch WikiBrainTools API.

Task 5. Encourage adoption of WikiBrain[edit]

  • Sept 2014 - December 2015
  • Online:
    • Email forums associated with WikiTools developers, Wikipedia researchers, Algorithmic researchers.
    • Post online demos.
    • Hold online office hours.
    • Host session at Wiki research's hackathon.
  • Conferences: SIGIR, WWW, WikiSym / OpenSym
    • Organize demos.
    • Hold Birds of a Feather sessions.

Monthly updates[edit]



Notes on installing the labs project:

  • Name of project is wikibrain
  • Active instance is wikibrain0
  • Shilad can ssh there by running wmfwikibrain
  • Packages that needed to be isntalled:
apt-get install postgresql-client-common
apt-get install postgresql-client-9.3
add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer
apt-get install oracle-java8-installer
apt-get install oracle-java8-set-default
apt-get install maven
  • Enable role::labs::lvm::srv role in server instance configuration
  • sudo puppet agent -tv
  • /srv is now mounted with 160GB.





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