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Wikiexpedition and Wikitraining in Chernigiv oblast

project contact:



grantees: Pryhodko Mykola Vasyliovych, Victoriya Solomatova


I want to take photos of all of Chernihiv villages. It's about 1500 villages. Photos of all villages will be at Wikimedia Commons. And wikipedia pages will be illustrate with it.

engagement target:

Commons, Ukrainian and Russian Wikipedia

strategic priority:

Improving Quality

total amount requested:

4990 USD

2014 round 1

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

Chernihiv oblast in Ukraine have about 1500 villages. But most of articles of villages haven't even one image from settlement! 10-20 percent of villages have a little population at 10-20-60 peoples. 90-95 of this peoples are very old. After 5-10 years such villages will be abandoned.

What is your solution?[edit]

I have a lot of time. And I can traveling on Chernihiv oblast and take photos.

Project goals[edit]

To take photos of all of villages of Chernihiv oblast.

For one period of grant.

  • We expect to achieve between 300 and 400 villages of 6 raions.
  • From 6 000 to 8 000 new images.

Project plan[edit]



A schedule for this project might look like the following (Wikiexpeditions):

  • After 1 month (July): Kulykivka Raion (24 v) + Chernihiv Raion (40 of 124 v);
  • After 2 months (August): Ripky Raion (18 of 118 v) + Chernihiv Raion (rest of 124 v);
  • After 3 months (September): Ripky Raion (60 of 118 v);
  • After 4 months (October): Nosivka Raion (54 v) + Ripky Raion (rest of 118 v);
  • After 5 months (November): Nizhyn Raion (72 v);
  • After 6 months (December): Sribne Raion (29 v) + Varva Raion (30 v)[1].

Additional Tools, technologies, and techniques[edit]

  • Meetings and Wiki-workshops in schools (teachers, students) and universities. The most around Chernihiv + Ripky, Nizhyn, Khmilnytsya (I live in Chernihiv) traveling by train, bus or bicycle.
  • Wikimedia merchandise and gifts for volunteers like T-Shirts, Welcome to Wikipedia and so; also could be good to have gifts (like pens, little calendars and little magnets) as a detail for students.


Total amount requested[edit]

$4 990

Budget breakdown[edit]

Number Task Explanation Cost(USD)
1 Main photo camera - Nikon Coolpix P520 Red Taking photos 350$[2]
2 Additional photo camera - Samsung DV150 Taking photos (reserve) 80$[3]
3 Apple MacBook Air 11" (MD711UA/A) with Official warranty Uploading photos into Internet - lightweight notebook and long time battery (without SDXC-support) 1250$[4]
4 card-reader Transcend TS-RDF5K Uploading photos into laptop 10$[5]
5 Asus Google Nexus 7 2013 32GB LTE GPS, Internet 400$
6 Bicycle easy way to achieve villages 600$ 250$[6]
7 Gasoline 50$/month 300$[7]
8 Merchandise for volunteer giveaways T-shirt's, badges, little calendars, little magnets with wiki-logo ...
if WMF will provide this directly the cost could be excluded from the IEG
9 Rent of an apartment 140$/month it's more convenient to be at local place 840$
10 Food 180$/month 1080$
11 Travel expenses To present the project at Wikimania London August 2014. 1000 + 1000 (two people from Ukraine - Mykola Prykhodko and Victoria Solomatova) 2000$[8]
12 Unforeseen ~1-2% for unforeseen and extraordinary expenses 70$
Total amount 4 990$

Intended impact[edit]

Target audience[edit]

  • Students from local schools seeking for information about local villages;
  • Historians;
  • Ethnographers.

Community engagement[edit]

It will be great to meet with other interested in wikiexpedition people. I plan to publish some interesting routes and places into Wikivoyage - at first in Ukrainian Wikivoyage. And I will be tell about Wikiexpedition on wiki-workshops - Chernihiv, Ripky, Nizhyn and Khmilnytsya.

Fit with strategy[edit]

This project will:
  • increase reach and participation (more peoples will contribute and to Wikipedia thanks to workshops and other events, to Wikimedia Commons during Wikiexpeditions and to the other Wikiprojects via images uploaded),
  • quality (more free pictures to illustrate the articles with, more high-quality articles),
  • credibility (more trust in our projects, e.g., Wikipedia and Wikisource),
  • organizational maturity and effectiveness (growing volunteer base, getting more experience, purchasing equipment that will be used by our volunteers).


I think first round of project will motivated other wikipedians to add photos of own settlements in articles. For all Chernihiv district (oblast) needs about 3 periods. And such experience from this project can push other people to write in Wiki in Ukraine and other countries, like me - my village Krushynka, original here.

I want to publish photoalbum after all traveling. May be, DVD too.

Measures of success[edit]

  • Images
    • Between 25 and 50 new valued images
    • Between 6 000 to 8 000 new images
      • The use of images in several languages (Ukrainian and Russian at first) in Wikipedia's pages and their suitability to content.
  • Villages
    • Between 300 and 400 villages of 6 raions.
  • Number of newly registered editors (wikiexpeditions and workshops) - 10 + 30.
  • Qualitative feedback and coverage
    • feedback from wikipedians related to our rapports and posts
    • media coverage.


  • Prykhodko Mykola Vasyliovych User:Nickispeaki. I started promoting Wikiexpedition at 2013. I took part at first Ukrainian WIkiexpetion at 2011. From 2013 I live at Chernihiv and I made 3 collective Wikiexpedition in Chernihiv raion. After the success of the this expeditions the initiative is going on and growing.
    • From 2006 I've an account in Wikipedia; my contributions are mainly in Ukrainian, Russian and English Wikipedias, and also in Commons.
    • From 2012 I'm member of Wikimedia Ukraine; collaborating in activities like workshops, meetings, GLAM projects, education and Wikiexpeditions ...
    • In 2013-2014 I made some promotion for WLM-2013 in Chernihiv - press-conference twice (and feedback in newspapers, sites, radiostations and TVs), exhibition in Art Center Intermezzo (Chernihiv) and some interviews.

Other people are involved in Wikiexpedition and Wikitraining in Chernigiv oblast. These are some of them:

  • Tarabara Sergiy w:uk:User:Star1961. He took part in 2 Wikiexpeditions at 2013-2014. He makes great photos and makes accurate descriptions of Files on Wikimedia Commons. He is volunteer for Chernihiv raion.
  • Olegiv Roman w:uk:User:Romanmagic. He took part in Wikiexpeditions at 2013. He's photographer-amateur. He is volunteer for Chernihiv raion.
  • Zheliba Olexander w:uk:User:Krutyvuss. He took part at some Wiki-projects and he's a member of Wikimedia Ukraine since 2012. Olexander is a teacher of History at Nizhyn Gogol State University. He is a volunteer for Sribne and Nizhyn Raions - wikiexpeditions and wiki-workshops.


Community Notification[edit]

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  • Fully support. I think Mr. Nickispeaki could really arise an interest to Wikipedia in small towns and villages in Chernihiv oblast. We already have an extra-active user from a village school in Cherkassy region thus the chance for Mr. Nickispeaki to bring us such active users from Chernihiv region is quite high. I know Mr. Nickispeaki for a long time, also I participated with him in a Wiki-expedition to Korosten district last year, and I could witness Mr. Nickispeaki is very talkative and charming, he really could awake interest and he could understandably explain what is Wikipedia and how to contribute to it even for people from small villages. --A1 (talk) 18:21, 1 April 2014 (UTC)


  1. If the weather will be warm. Because in December in Chernihiv we have sometimes very cold period with snow and big frosts.
  2. Accordingly to Illya words I can use Wikimedia Ukraine camera.
  3. Accordingly to Illya words (and Wikiexpedition part Wikimedia Ukraine budget) I can buy cheap camera.
  4. After talking on Wiki-pages and WikimediaUA mailing list the notebook was canceled.
  5. After Ahonc words the card-reader was canceled.
  6. Scooter was changed on Bicycle.
  7. Scooter was changed on Bicycle.
  8. May be the sum can be less than 1000 per person. And I ask for Wikimania 2014 scholarship.