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Tim Waters[edit]

Tim is the developer of mapwarper the open source georeferencing application used for the Wikimaps Warper. He also works on digital humanities and GLAM projects. He is a geospatial developer and has made FOSS geo tools for organisations such as the New York Public Library and Library of Congress.

Tim is a keen OpenStreetMapper and is developer on - a historical vector mapping project using the OpenStreetMap stack to map everything that has ever existed (very modest aims).

Ari Häyrinen[edit]

I'm a digital heritage freelancer. In this project I'm responsible of integration issues (i.e. map import dataflow). In practise this means syncing MetaPipe project with Wikimaps Warper 2.0 so that Warper can benefit MetaPipe workflow (through Commons mostly).

Albin Larsson[edit]

I'm currently studying Media & Information Technology and Orienteering. I have for several years been experimenting with heritage data in Sweden, my experiments spans from building reverse geocoding search tools to specifying linked data schemes. Within the OpenHistoricalMap project I have been mapping how buildings have changed over time in 3D, written custom mapping tools, worked on search, and linked data. If you wanna keep up with all the stuff I learn and break you should checkout my blog.

In the Wikimaps Warper 2.0 project I'm will be working on the new frontend client and make sure the new backend APIs can easily be integrated.

Susanna Ånäs[edit]

I am currently a freelancer for open cultural heritage. I ran the Wikimaps project in Wikimedia Finland in 2014–2015, and this IEG project is a continuation of the tools development started within Wikimaps Nordic. My blog posts around these topics are collected on my site.