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As part of the April-July IdeaLab worksprint, we'll be re-organizing some pages and re-designing some templates and categories to make the most of our fancy new tools.

Participant profiles[edit]

Currently, these are sections on a page. We should make each profile its own page, just like an Idea. So Grants:IdeaLab/Jtmorgan would be a profile page for a user.

  • This allows us to categorize people according to roles/skills
  • profiles will still be displayed on a guide page, in a sorted list (like IdeaLab/People), but we can also have guide pages that display sub-lists sorted by roles/skills. This is like IdeaLab/Drafts, IdeaLab/Participants, etc.
  • the profile is a Lua-based template
  • the rest of the page is theirs to do with as they please
  • people can add ideas they are involved with to their profile
  • their profile will be categorized according to their skills

New guide pages[edit]

  • patterns by type
  • new patterns
  • all patterns
  • a guide for each kind of help-wanted
  • a guide of people with each skills

New feed entries[edit]

  • PERSON joined IDEA as ROLE
  • PERSON endorsed IDEA
  • PERSON endorsed PATTERN
  • PERSON created PATTERN
  • IDEA needs ROLES
  • IDEA became GRANT

Main page changes[edit]

  • share knowledge CTA (create/browse patterns)
  • new page IdeaLab/Patterns (like IdeaLab/Ideas, but for Learning Patterns)

New categories[edit]

New templates[edit]