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This page describes pages in the IdeaLab that should not be translated or marked for translation.

Galleries and feed pages[edit]

Certain pages on the IdeaLab are updated by GrantsBot on a weekly basis with new content. These pages are referred to as gallery pages and feed pages. These pages should not be translated, since any translations will be overwritten with new and different content next time the bot runs. These pages are never shown directly to the readers of the IdeaLab, they are only there to be transcluded into other pages.

Currently, pages in this category are:

Guide pages[edit]

There is currently no good way to translate pages of idea profiles or user introductions, since these pages are also frequently updated by the bot. These pages are referred to as guides, and they consist of lists of profiles.

The order of the profiles on the introductions page is changed depending on how active that user has been lately. The idea profiles are also sorted by recent activity, and profiles are added and taken away from from the list if they are re-categorized.

Currently, pages in this category are:

Build pages[edit]

Pages under Grants:IdeaLab/Build are low priority for translation, since these pages are used for project planning and are probably not of major public interest.