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truth is a speech, it is not a name - la verità è un discorso, non un nome
Le voci di Wikipedia si basano sulle fonti ma, è famosa la battuta di Casaleggio che diceva che secondo Wikipedia il padre faceva un lavoro che non ha mai fatto.

Wikipedia entries are based on the sources but, is famous joke of Casaleggio saying that according to Wikipedia's father was a job that he never did. Wikipedia should be based both on the sources but mainly on the logical reasoning that leads to the selection of the truth from the false.

Wikipedia si deve basare sia sulle fonti ma soprattutto sul ragionamento logico che porta alla selezione della verità dal falso.
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Paolo Calloxi
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created on15:42, 3 June 2016 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

Find a way to eliminate the trolls that are based on false sources.

Trovare un modo per eliminare i trolls che si alimentano con fonti false.

What is your solution?[edit]

Allow experts to express themselves on a logical reasoning that is not simply based on sources.

Permettere agli esperti di esprimersi su un ragionamento logico che non si basa semplicemente sulle fonti.


Wikipedia should not be a list of argument of any kind even if based on tertiary sources but a selection of theses based on the truth on the basis of a logical reasoning.

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About the idea creator[edit]

I have an infinity ban on IT Wikipedia but my book on IT Wikibook have had a citation on a primary italian law blog.

To the italian Wikipedia administrator, i was a troll, by the law experts, was give a citation.

If administrators do not understand the arguments as a troll can be distinguished from an expert?



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