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www : Wiki Work Women
There are lot of Women at work in this corporate world. They are not either given opportunity (or) kindled their energy to participate within Wiki.
this project needs...
community organizer
created on13:02, 22 March 2015 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

Activating the inactive energy source

What is your solution?[edit]

Conduct regular workshops (or) activities in corporates.


By end of 2015, bring at least 100 new women folks onto Wiki and make their contribution. By end of 2016, make this number to 1000

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Project plan[edit]


Designer will create the handouts and attractive meeting flayers Advisor will find out the sources of active / inactive / possible women work forces. Community Organizers will help the community sessions I'll own this entire activity


Given an opportunity with the following work force, the budget for 9 months in 2015 is around 20000 USD. 1) Project Owner (ME) 2) Community Organizers - 2 3) Advisor -1 4) Designer - 1

A total of 5, including me will work for 9 months on this project.

Community Organizer 1 2700 Community Organizer 2 2700 Designer 3150 Advisor 3150 Project Owner 5400 Miscellaneous 2900

A total of 9 months at an average of 2 events at every month

Community engagement[edit]

We plan in advance to conduct 2 live events on every month. An advisor will identify every possible sources


By the end of this project there will be some echo system build by the women community and if the leanings could be reused, they can be harvested for the next events

Measures of success[edit]

As mentioned in my project proposal, my plan is to generate at least 100 new registrations from corporate world. Make sure that these 100 participates prepare their footprint in their interest. And atleast of 100 articles of worth reading would be the outcome by the end of this project

Project team[edit]

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