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Learning patterns/Contest bots

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Writing contest bots
problemI don't have enough time to score, judge and track contest submissions manually.
solutionUse a bot to manage some or all of the scoring, judging, tracking and prize delivery for an online writing contest.
creatorKHarold (WMF)
status:in progress

What problem does this solve?[edit]

Tracking and scoring writing contest submissions can be time consuming, especially if there are not many volunteers helping coordinate a contest.

What is the solution?[edit]

Bots can be used to complete a variety of tasks to make contest coordination easier and less time consuming. Below are some examples of bots used to track and judge contests.

UKBot: Used in weekly competitions on Norweigan Wikipedia.

"The bot is programmed by our local Python guru. It counts and assigns points based on the number of bytes, words, pictures, references added. It is quite nifty. It can be changed to reflect whatever you are scoring on that week, which a volunteer can do in about 10 or 15 mintutes. The bot tracks everything, it goes through every edit that the participant made that week that falls in one of the categories for the contest. The bot also puts ribbons on the competition page and on the talk pages of the winners, and tracks progress toward contest goals in an info box on the event page."

Scoreboard from a Norwegian Wikipedia editing contest event page.

LivingBot: Used on English WikiCup.

"This bot pulls together all the different submissions, judges make sure they meet the requirements to be included: sufficient length, “good” article, etc. Judged review the work collected by the bot."

Judging tool

This tool is used for keeping track of participants contributions during an edit-a-thon. It became popular through the Wikipedia Asian Month contest. It is operated by Le Loi.


Does simple autochanges in pages of some list, can count pages that have a specific template, or Wikidata item. First created and popularized via Wikimedia CEE Spring. This is an example of the statistics it can generate. Operated by Base.


A bot to count contributions, by countries, by languages and a list of the last 500 articles. First created and popularized via Wikimedia CEE Spring. This is an example of the statistics Botik can generate. It is operated by Alexander Sigachov.

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