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Learning patterns/Number of individuals involved

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Number of individuals involved
problemIt is easier to demonstrate impact if you can show who participated, or benefited, from your work.
solutionReport on the number of people who were involved in your event, project or program, making sure to count each person only once.
creatorEGalvez (WMF)
created on26 August, 2014

Global Metrics
This learning pattern one of seven Global metrics.

What problem does this solve?


This learning pattern describes how to obtain the global metric on the number of individuals involved in your event, project, or program.



This metric would help to understand how many individuals are being reached in the movement. By aggregating this data, we will be able to see how many people are reached over time, and hopefully see the Wikimedia movement grow.

What is the solution?


Some definitions

Individuals involved is EVERYONE who was involved in your event, project or program, making sure to count each person only once. Types of individuals might be:
  • Event/Program/Project organizers
  • Any volunteer or staff help, on-wiki or off-wiki
  • Guest speakers, lecturers, teachers, ambassadors
  • Partners (Individuals, not entire organizations, unless they all attended an event/project/program)
  • Attendees, students
  • Users who created accounts
  • Users who edited Wikimedia projects
NOTE: Do not count someone more than once - for example, if someone participated as staff and added their names to the attendee list, they count as 1 person.

How to Measure

  • Sign-up sheets
  • Event registration lists
  • Event page on wiki (but only users who made edits during event times)
  • Classroom rosters/student list or Education Extension
  • Mailing lists
  • Calendar applications
  • Other ideas?

General considerations


This is important in educations programs, especially with teachers as many will not edit but may be willing to supervise or do administrative tasks. See Grants:PEG/Leigh Thelmadatter/Establishing finances of Wiki Learning Tec de Monterrey/Report (section)

When to use




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