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Grants:Let's Connect Profile/Goodness Ignatius

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Goodness Ignatius
Best way to connect: Via telegram or whatsapp
Igbo Wikimedians User Group, Ig Wiki Librarians Hub
Participating as: For my whole organisation or group
Nigeria • Middle East and Africa (MEA) region
Preferred times: Monday, Friday (8 - 12 UTC, 12 - 16 UTC)
Can dedicate: Between one (1) hour and three (3) hours per week
Languages: English
Main Wikimedia projects: Wikipedia → encyclopedia, Wiktionary → Dictionary and thesaurus, Wikimedia Commons → media repository, Wikiquote → collection of quotations, Wikidata → knowledge database, Incubator → language versions in development, MetaWiki: central site for coordinating all projects and the Wikimedia community
Areas of interests: Education, Culture, heritage or GLAM
Other peer learning/training initiatives participating in: Wiki Mentor Africa
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Skills this profile would like to learn
Preferred way of learning: Participate learning clinic sharing my case, Resources sharing and simeone to ask questions when I need help

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More to learn


Further details about what I would like to learn.

1. Wikisource: It's entirely new to me and would like to learn how I'll contribute to it and invite my community to do so too.

2.Tools developed to automate task: As a sysop on the Igbo Wikipedia and a contributor on other projects, it will be a useful skill to learn in order to make tasks easier

3. I've use open refine a few times on Wikidata for test batch uploads, it worked though. I would love to learn and practice more as I intend to work with libraries in Nigeria on how to use open refine for batch uploading.

Stories about sharing


Interesting stories about applying the skills I want to share.

1. Basic Wikidata use: I have been able to startup Wikidata translation in my community. The translation of items and properties makes the use of language descriptions on Igbo Wikipedia possible. It also made easy the use of Wikidata- generated databoxes in the Igbo Wikipedia. Before now, the Igbo Wikipedia uses the infobox which is mostly translated in English or has an error message. We've been able to solve this challenge by using databoxes

2. Setting up templates for Wikimedia projects. When I joined Wikimedia, the mainpage of the Igbo Wikipedia had a lot of redlinks, with my little knowledge of installing template and customizing it, I've been able to constantly update the mainpage of the Igbo Wikipedia to what it is today. Though I refer to other templates in the English Wikimedia for guides. I have also worked on headers templates on Meta Wiki for documentation pages. I learnt this skill on Wikimedia, through conference, research, practice and consulting mentors.

3.List building: I've been able to use categories to generate list for editathon. One of the strategies that has worked for me is to make sure editors have their copies of list to work on

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