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This page displays the flow funding recommendation form, which is based on the Flow Funding Recommendation Form template.

This page documents a process of the Flow Funding Pilot Project. Please see the FF portal for more information.

Do not edit this page without the explicit approval of WMF Grants Program Staff. If you have a suggestion, please do create a discussion page and consider also Emailing grants at wikimedia dot org about your suggestion.

Project summary[edit]

Provide a few basic details about this project.

Title of project:

Start date of project:

End date of project:

Please provide a brief description of the project.

About this grantee[edit]

Please describe the person / group / organization you are recommending. Please review eligibility requirements here.

  • Who will receive funding?
    an individual / a group (not incorporated) / a nonprofit organization
  • What is the name or Username of the grantee?
  • In which country is this grantee located?
  • What is the name or Username of the project lead(s) responsible for this project?
  • Please provide a brief description of this person / people / organization.
  • Briefly, explain why you, as flow funder, have confidence in this organization to execute these activities successfully.

About this project's potential for impact[edit]

Please summarize how this project will help further Wikimedia's mission or meet our strategic goals.

Financial details[edit]

  • Total amount requested:
  • Currency requested:
  • Total amount requested in US Dollars (USD):
# Expense Description Cost per unit Unit Quantity Currency Total cost per expense
Total: '