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Frank Dugasseh/Offline Wikipedia Rollout in Ghana
To distribute offline versions of Wikipedia across secondary schools in Ghana.
targetOffline version of English Wikipedia (from Kiwix)
strategic priorityIncrease reach
start dateJanuary 5
start year2014
end dateMarch 30
end year2015
budget (USD)14945
grant typeGroup
non-profit statusNo
organization• Wechiau Community Library
created on10:05, 19 September 2014 (UTC)


The goal of this project is to provide Ghanaian students and teachers an opportunity to access a rich source of information and knowledge through the downloading of non-Internet required versions of Wikipedia onto school computers.



  • Conduct a pre-visit across thirty six schools in Ghana to talk about the project and eventually get a list of interested schools.
  • Download offline Wikipedia from Kiwix and save them on USB sticks.
  • Deploy the offline versions of Wikipedia across the confirmed schools.
  • Conduct a tutorial on how to use offline Wikipedia.


  • Increased awareness of Wikipedia to people who do not have internet access.

Target readership[edit]

The Engligh version of offline Wikipedia

Fit with strategy[edit]

Increased reach to an audience that does not have access to online Wikipedia.

Measures of success[edit]

  • Deployment of offline Wikipedia across 30 schools in Ghana.
  • Delivery of over 60 hours of training on "how to use Wikipedia" talks to both students and teachers (approx. 2 hours per school).
  • Increased usership of Wikipedia (since most schools have an average of over 500 students).

Resources and risks[edit]


  • Frank Dugasseh is a Washington Fellow and Founder of the Wechiau Community Library.
  • Abbas Mahmood was the lead instigator of the Offline Wikipedia project in Kenya and advisor of this project.
  • Emmanuel Wedam is a student at the University for Development Studies.
  • Fati Saaka is a student at the University for Development Studies.
  • Effia Yeboah is a student at the University for Development Studies.
  • Seth Amofa is affiliated with the National Accredition Board, Ghana.


The Ghanaian team on the ground does not have any Wikimedia editing experience. However, the installation and distribution of Kiwix does not require editing expertise.


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Project budget table[edit]

Activity/Item Number of days Quantity Unit cost (USD) Total (USD)
Food for Training
Food & Beverages for volunteers 2 5 people 20 200
Food for teachers 1 45 people 35 1575
Venue for training 2 1 42.3 84.6
Sub-total 1779.6
Previsit to 36 schools 3 2 25 150
Installation of offline Wikipedia 30 6 25 4500
Educators and students training 1 70 30 2100
Follow-up visit 5 2 25 250
Per diem for volunteers 60 6 15 5400
Sub-total 12350
Laptop 1 4 450 1800
Hard drive 4 45 180
Projector 1 571 571
USB sticks 5 15 75
Travelling bags 1 15 15
Internet modem 5 28 140
Communication 5 50 250
Request for t-shirts 0
Bank fees 100
Sub-total 3131
Total 17260.60

Total cost of project[edit]

USD 17260.60

Total amount requested[edit]

USD 17260.60

Additional sources of revenue[edit]


Non-financial requirements[edit]

Some t-shirts or Wikimedia merchandise for distribution.


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  • I think this is an awesome initiative and project. Really interesting. Will be glad to assist in areas possible. Nkansahrexford (talk) 22:17, 30 November 2014 (UTC)
  • I do think this project is just what is needed to equip our young growing students population to access educational information and knowledge with the world wide adoption of technology. Thoughtful Innovation. I will be glad to help rollout this beautiful project. Jay wan
  • Most Communities in Ghana lacks internet access. This makes information needed for teaching and learning difficult especially in the rural communities. This project will help address some of these issues in most communities and improve the learning in these areas. I strongly endorse this project. Sethamofah (talk) 08:08, 9 December 2014 (UTC)