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Grants:PEG/Kruusamägi/Minority Translate/Report

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Report accepted
This report for a Project and Event grant approved in FY 2013-14 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • You may still comment on this report on its discussion page, or visit the discussion page to read the discussion about this report.
  • You are welcome to Email grants at wikimedia dot org at any time if you have questions or concerns about this report.

Compliance and completion[edit]

Did you comply with the requirements specified by WMF in the grant agreement?
Is your project completed?
Did you use any of the grant funds?

Activities and lessons learned[edit]

This section describes what the grantee did, and what the grantee learned from implementing the project. This section should be useful to others implementing similar projects and is an opportunity for the grantee to reflect on the project's performance.


Provide a detailed list of activities performed to complete this project, descriptions of these activities, and the amount of time spent on each activity. This section should also include a list of participants, or a link to pictures, blog posts, or videos from the project or event.
Program page
  • creation of the program
  • testing it in Estonian and Võro Wikipedias
  • setting up a web server application that records translation activities and can be used as a resource in natural language processing (NLP) or human language technology (HLT)
  • setting up a homepage
  • a bit of promotion and planning for future activities in this field
  • meetings for discussion both online and offline
  • dealing with the legal side (contracts, taxes etc)

Lessons learned[edit]

What lessons were learned that may help others succeed in similar projects? Consider the following questions and respond with 1 - 2 paragraphs.
What went well?
A lot of communication with a developer proved to be very helpful. For instance nothing except one technical detail needed to me remade (even though that took 2 weeks). It also enabled us to make a better program design as there was constant understanding of how much work something would require and it made it easier to select optimal solutions based on that.
What did not go well?
We didn't know that getting the money would take so long. This created problems for the schedule and made us make several changes in the plans (e.g. start much later than planned).
Not enough spotlit was shown to some technical details. To be more exact, then developer decided to use brand new JavaFX for the programs graphical user interface and no-one paid any notice to this detail. When the 1.0 beta-version of the program was ready, then it came out that it will still take a lot of time until this would be fully functional in some Linux versions and therefore some parts of the program needed to be remade (same delay as mentioned above). That also sparked some discussion with Keeleleek, as our fiscal sponsor, as they feared it might jeopardize the project.
What would you do differently if you planned a similar project?
I would ask more money. There are still some limits of how much free work can be done.

Project goal and measures of success[edit]

This section should reference the project goals and measures of success described in the approved grant submission. See Grants:PEG/Kruusamägi/Minority Translate to review the goals and metrics listed in the approved submission.

Project goal[edit]

Provide the project goal here.
Our goal was to create a tool that would help to boost the development of small Wikipedias and be useful for linguistic analyses.
Did you achieve your project goal? How do you know your goal was achieved? Please answer in 1 - 2 paragraphs.
Program is ready = there now is a tool = all done = project goal in achieved.
It is too early to bring out how useful this program is. That kind of assessment can be given by the end of 2014. We have started with the promotion of the program, but we don't know how much it will be used.
Next steps
  • Additional developments with the program based on a previous plans (different interface languages, translation recommendations, etc) and user feedback;
  • Promoting the program in Estonia and beyond to wikipedians and non-wikipedians;
  • Follow up grant request to support thous actions.

Measures of success[edit]

List the measures of success exactly as provided in the approved grant submission, and evaluate your project according to each measure listed there.
It is a successful project if this translation tool would be in active use. Our hope is that it will be used within at least 5 language versions and more than 1000 articles would be created with it by the end of 2014, but it is now far too early to sum up the results yet.
Provide an overall assessment of how your project went according to these measures.
Only time will tell, as we plan to assess the project based on thous measures at the end of 2014.
If you were to plan a similar project, would you measure it differently? If yes, please explain how.
Measuring method is suitable for that kind of projects. Just looking if it is done or not, will not give any information about the impact of the project.


This section ties this project to Wikimedia's broader goals, and shows what the project accomplished.

What impact did this project have on WMF's mission and the strategic goals? Please answer in 1 -2 paragraphs and include specific measures of impact such as the number of readers or editors reached by a particular project, or the number of articles edited or improved.
Stabilize infrastructure
Increase participation
Improve quality
Increase reach
Encourage innovation
This project helped to create a tool for small Wikipedias to speed up the article creation process. So it directly deals with innovation and tries to use this to increase participation, quality and reach.
We'll also try to use this to get some nonwikipedians editing Wikipedia. The program has 2 main functions and one of them is meant for linguistic research. So hopefully it will also have a lot of use in this field.
It might be interesting to mention, that we found, that recommendations for translations are much more important than we though at first place. Therefore it is very important to deal with this topic to achieve wide use and ensure maximal benefits. It should also be kept in mind with similar project.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures[edit]

This section describes the grant's use of funds


Did you send documentation of all expenses paid with grant funds to grants at wikimedia dot org, according to the guidelines here? Answer "Yes" or "No".


Please list all project expenses in a table here, with descriptions and dates. Review the instructions here.
These expenses should be listed in the same format as the budget table in your approved submission so that anyone reading this report may be able to easily compare budgeted vs. actual expenses.
Note that variances in the project budget over 10% per expense category must be approved in advance by Project and Event Grants program staff. For all other variances, please provide an explanation in the table below.

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Actual cost per unit Actual total Budgeted total Currency Notes
1 Programmers fee salary 1 1 594.27 1050 1050 EUR Employment contract lasted from April 15th to 30th. First we needed to wait for positive answer to grant request before we could set this and then we had to give reasonably long time for the execution of the contract. Money was transferred after that.
2 Taxes from programmers fee 1 1 455.73 EUR
3 Web server 1 1 100 100 100 EUR To Keeleleek for web hosting and help with setting up the web server.

Total project budget (from your approved grant submission)
Total amount requested from WMF (from your approved grant submission, this total will be the same as the total project budget if the Project and Event Grant is your only funding source)
Total amount spent on this project (this total should be the total calculated from the table above)
Total amount of Project and Event grant funds spent on this project (this total will be the same as the total amount spent if the Project and Event Grant is your only funding source)
Are there additional sources of revenue that funded any part of this project? List them here.

Remaining funds[edit]

Are there any grant funds remaining?
Please list the total amount (specify currency) remaining here. (This is the amount you did not use, or the amount you still have after completing your grant.)
If funds are remaining they must be returned to WMF, reallocated to mission-aligned activities, or applied to another approved grant.
Please state here if you intend to return unused funds to WMF, submit a request for reallocation, or submit a new grant request, and then follow the instructions on your approved grant submission.