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This was a submission to the Project and Event Grants Program from an individual in 2014-15, but was withdrawn by that individual before a funding decision was delivered.

Basic information[edit]

Grant request details[edit]

Are you an organization, a group, or an individual?
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Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (w:en:User:Rosiestep)
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Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight
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Project details[edit]

Official project name
Litquake 2014
Project start date
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1 October 2014
Project completion date
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31 October 2014
Please describe the project in a few sentences
Litquake is an annual literature festival in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the last few years, it has spanned 9 days in October, including two weekends. The festival hosts multiple events at multiple venues. I've attended Litquake for about 10 years and enjoy being part of the celebration, and meeting interesting attendees, most of them writers themselves. I propose to facilitate an edit-a-thon coinciding with this year's Litquake. Its theme would be creating/translating/expanding/improving articles related to literature, writers, and writing in general. While it's too late to be part of the official Litquake program, I think an SF-based Wikipedia edit-a-thon on the first Saturday of Litquake (11 Oct 2014) would be well attended in RL and possibly by remote editors, too.

Financial details[edit]

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Amount and currency requested
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For organizations only[edit]

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Are you an incorporated organization able to provide local proof of nonprofit status within your country? For-profit organizations are not eligible to receive grants through the PEG program.
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Does your organization currently employ or engage any fulltime or part-time staff or contractors? If yes, please tell us how many staff or contractors you employ or engage, along with their functions or a link to your staff page. For example, "2 full time program managers and 1 part-time contractor accountant at 50% FTE each."

Goals and measures of success[edit]

Project goal[edit]

Please briefly describe what will be accomplished if the project is successful.

Project goals
  1. Raise awareness of who edits Wikipedia (you and me and your family and your friends; anyone can edit)
  2. Project enthusiasm for editing Wikipedia and encourage attendees to encourage others to edit as well.
  3. Demonstrate to newbies how to edit Wikipedia
  4. Collaborate with seasoned editors
  5. Create, translate, expand, and improve articles related to literature and writers
  6. Discuss systemic bias and promote the newly-created (by me) WP:WikiProject Women writers; encourage creating/expanding/improving biographies of women writers

Measures of success[edit]

Please provide a list of measurable criteria that will be used determine how successful the project is. You will need to report on the success of the project according to these measures after the project is completed.

Measures of success
  • At least 15 editors show up (or sign up remotely)
  • At least 3 of the editors are newbies (0-25 edits)
  • At least 10 articles are created, expanded, or otherwise improved the day of the event
  • At least 5 other articles are created, expanded, or otherwise improved by the event attendees between 12 October 2014 and 31 Oct 2014
  • At least 1 of these articles is nominated at the DYK section of the mainpage

Project scope and activities[edit]

This section describes what will happen if this project is funded. Who will do what, and when?

List of activities
  • Secure venue - I have requested approval from the Foundation to hold the event at the Foundation offices. I do not have an alternate venue.
  • Determine Foundation attendees - Because the event will occur at the Foundation, there may be a requirement for a certain number of Foundation teammates to be in the suite during the event. If this is the case, I'll verify how to satisfy the requirement.
  • Advertise - I will advertise the event at Wikipedia:Meetup/San Francisco. I'm not on FB, but I'll see if someone else can create a FB page for the event. I'll start a hastage, #litquakewikipedia, and tweet as advertising.
  • Food - I'll seek food guidance from Foundation members who have held similar events at the Foundation. I'll coordinate ordering and delivery of veggies, pizza, and/or pasta the day of the event.
  • Name badges - If the Foundation has a supply, I'll request using it; if not, I'll bring with me.
  • During the event -
  • Attendees sign in (name they want to be called at the event, username if they want to share it, email address for deploying the post-event survey)
  • I'll facilitate brief introductions by all attendees to get a feel for who has edited and how much, who has attended an edit-a-thon previously, you might be open to assisting newbies if a newbie has a question
  • I'll describe our goals for the event, how we'll determine if it's a success, and event logistics (bathroom is over there; food is over there; we have to leave by xx:xx)
  • Tweeting - team effort
  • Cleanup - team effort
  • Survey - To be completed by attendees before leaving. I'll offer a Wikipedia T-shirt as a prize to one of the attendees who completes the survey (using a random number generator).


Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here.

Grantees are subject to line-item scrutiny of expenses. Changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.

US$7 x 30 participants = $210. Plus RT airfare on Southwest (US$190.20); already booked. Plus car rental for one day ($27.32); already booked.

Project budget table
Total cost of project
Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants program
Additional sources of revenue that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded

Non-financial requirements[edit]

See a description of non financial assistance available. Please inform Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requirements for non-financial assistance now.

Requests for non-financial assistance

Resources and Risks[edit]


This section is used to highlight your potential for successfully executing this project.

Consider including the following information:

  • List of team members (names or usernames):
  • Onwiki evidence of community support (such as a project about this discussion):
  • Endorsements from community members or movement groups:
  • Special skills or qualifications this potential grantee or project lead brings to this project:
  • Evidence of past success in executing similar projects:

This section is used to identify key risks or threats that would prevent you from achieving your project goals and how you would mitigate those risks and threats.



In the sections below, please describe how the project is related to the Wikimedia mission and Wikimedia's strategic priorities.

Fit to strategy[edit]

How will this project support the key organizational objectives of
  • increasing reach (more people will access or contribute to Wikipedia or our other projects),
  • participation (more people actually contributing),
  • quality (more content, more useful content, or higher-quality content),
  • credibility (more trust in our projects),
  • organizational maturity and effectiveness (how it will move you or the Wikimedia community forward),
  • or financial sustainability (how it will help you achieve more in the long run)?
This statement should address at least one of the strategic priorities listed here specifically. See Project and Event Grants program criteria for decision making.


If the project will benefit a specific online community, please tell us.

Please provide a brief statement about how the project is related to other work in the Wikimedia movement. For example, does the project fit into a work area such as GLAM, education, organizational development, editor retention, or outreach?

If successful, will the project have the potential to be replicated successfully by other individuals, groups, or organizations? Please explain how in 1–2 sentences.
Yes! I will replicate this at other literature festivals around the world, teaching/inspiring other wikipedians to take on a facilitator role in the future in their geographical area. (See one, do one, teach one.)

Please list other benefits to the movement here.