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Grants:PEG/WM AR/Annual Program Plan 2012/Report/Financial report

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Report accepted
This report for a Project and Event grant approved in FY 2011-12 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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This is the final report regarding the grant for Wikimedia Argentina's 2012 annual plan.

This report focuses on the financial analysis of the expenditures incurred in the context of this grant. For this, we used the final report done by the external accounting office of Wikimedia Argentina, which consolidated all expenses and revenues for the 2012 period and is considered official for legal purposes.

For details of the activities realized in the context of this grant, please read the following reports: Q1 (Jan-Mar) - Q2 (Apr-Jun) - Q3 (Jul-Sep) - Q4 (Oct-Dec)

All values are expressed in Argentine pesos (ARS) at the end of the 2012 fiscal year, unless stated otherwise.
Currency rate at 2010-12-31 was 1 USD = 4.9037 ARS (Source: Yahoo! Finance)


In 2012, Wikimedia Argentina received two grants from the Wikimedia Foundation. A grant covering its 2012 Annual Plan, that was received in Argentina on March 2012, and a second one for the participation of Anuradha Uduwage in WikiGénero, that was received in July 2012. Wikimedia Argentina also received reimbursments from Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikimedia Australia for the participation of their members in WikiWomenCamp/Wikigénero; a reimbursment for the participation at the Financial Meeting from Wikimedia France has faced some bank problems in Argentina and has not been received to date (although we are still working on it). A third grant for the production of three institutional videos was approved and received in 2011, but it was executed in 2012; its income is included in the corresponding 2011 report.

This table presents a summary of the incomes and expenses in 2012 (see detail):

Income Expenses Surplus/Deficit
Grants 2013[1] 438.593,84 350.431,65 88.162,19
Grant Wikigénero GroupLens 7.523,94 7.647,40 -123,46
WikiWomenCamp reimbursments 12.077,42 12.077,42 0,00
Financial meeting 0,00 8.128,20 -8.128,20
Videos 0,00 10.800,00 -10.800,00
Membership fees 780,00 0,00 780,00
Other expenses[2] 0,00 10.830,53 -10.830,53
TOTAL[1] 458.975,20 399.915,20 59.060,00

Regarding specifically to the 2012 Annual Plan, we have to consider also the purchase of fixed assets (included on the plan), given that they are included separately in the accounting balance.[3] In the following table, is the final summary of the expenses related to the 2012 Annual Plan, funded by the Wikimedia Foundation grant:

Income Expenses Fixed assets Surplus/Deficit
Grants 2013 438.593,84 350.431,65 3.319,98 84.842,21 USD 17,301.67

Although some activities and orders were made in 2012 as part of its Annual Plan, for different reasons their funds were disembursed in the first months of 2013. To avoid problems with those expenses related to the 2012 Annual Plan and the 2013 one and for clarity of the 2012 financial report, an account for provisions were established with the following composition:[4]

Concept Amount
Provision for expenses 11.268,18
Provision for fixed assets 3.319,98
Provision for rent 20.800,00


WM-AR 2012 total expenses.
WM-AR 2012 expenses, including only those related to the 2012 Annual Plan.

For this section, only regular expenses and fixed assets will be considered (excluding depreciation and theft loss).

50,6% of the expenses in 2012 were related to projects and events in line with Wikimedia Argentina's goals. Excluding those of specific projects funded by other grants or institutions, 44% of the expenses related to the 2012 Annual Plan corresponded to projects and events. 30% of those expenses were salaries, 25% were other administrative costs and less than 1% corresponded to the purchase of furniture and computer equipment.

Considering the 2012 Annual Plan proposed, 84,2% of its budget was executed. In general, most of the Projects and Events were executed (103,6%), while those related to salaries (54,4%) and purchase of fixed assets (27,7%). This is explained by the fact that, after the change of WM-AR Executive Director in June 2012, the chapter decided to re-think its original plan to hire a new Assistant, waiting a few months and finding exactly the needs of the chapter.[5] Administrative costs, on the other side, were underestimated in the 2013 Annual Plan; there were no specific provisions for taxes, bank fees and accounting services.

Expenses[6] Proposal
Total % Grant % Amount Execution[7]
Projects and events 196.704,73 50,1% 154.731,73 44,2% 149.300,00 103,6%
Salaries 106.000,00 27,0% 106.000,00 30,2% 195.000,00 54,4%
Administrative costs 86.379,94 22,0% 86.379,94 24,6% 60.000,00 144,0%
Fixed assets 3.319,98 0,8% 3.319,98 0,9% 12.000,00 27,7%
Total 389.084,67 100,0% 350.431,65 100,0% 416.300,00 84,2%


  1. a b It includes only regular expenses. Fixed assets (office furniture and scanner, ARS 3.319,98) purchased in the period are not counted here.
  2. Includes depreciation of fixed assets (ARS 7.167,51; see detail) and theft loss (ARS 2.648,44 in cash and a notebook, originally valued in ARS 2.536,46 and residual value of ARS 1.014,58).
  3. Fixed assets are considered as an investment, so it is discounted over the depreciation period (five years for computer equipment and 10 years for furniture). For clarity, in this table they are treated as regular expenses with a single disembursment in 2013 and its depreciation shall not be considered in the analysis of subsequent years.
  4. See Note 6 in the Financial Report (in Spanish).
  5. Provisions for an assitant were included in 2013 Annual Plan and in March 2013, Wikimedia Argentina hired a Communications Manager.
  6. It considers total expenses of Wikimedia Argentina and those related directly to the grant (excluding videos, WWC participation and Financial meeting).
  7. Relation of grant-related expenses over proposed expenses by the grant.