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Grants:PEG/WM BR/Start-up

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This was a submission to the Project and Event Grants Program from an group, organization, or individual in 2013-14, but was withdrawn by that group, organization, or individual before a funding decision was delivered.

Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Brasil
Grant contact name
Michel Castelo Branco
Grant contact username or e-mail
CasteloBrancomsg / wikimediabrasil(_AT_)wikimedia.org
Grant contact title (position)
Project lead name
N/A (it's not a project by the chapter but the creation of the chapter itself)
Project lead username or e-mail
N/A (see above)
Project lead title (position), if any
N/A (see above)
Full project name
Start-up funding to create the chapter Wikimedia Brasil and to organize WikiBrasil 2012, the first national conference.
Amount requested (in USD)
Provisional target start date
October 2012
Provisional completion date
March 2013

Budget breakdown[edit]

Wikimedia Brasil Movement is a group of Brazilian volunteers from Wikimedia movement engaged in promoting activities with the aim of developing and disseminating free content in Brazil.

We have made several activities since 2008, including community meet-ups, meetings with chapters/WMF staff and with partners, presentations, photo scavenger hunts and editing contests.

Last year, we achieved a consensus for the creation of a chapter in Brazil. By doing this, we expect to have the possibility to manage funds and therefore expand the actual projects, as well as organize other kind of activities, e.g. GLAM partnerships and our own outreach events, like WikiBrasil, an annual national community meet-up. During WikiBrasil 2012, we intend to start the Brazilian chapter and define our future actions.

Cost per unit
Units Total cost
Total cost
Records and registration 1,455 719
Notorize 385[2] 1 385 190
Bank 270 1 270 133
Other fees 800 1 800 395
Administration (Oct 2012 - Mar 2013) 4,776 2359
Bookkeeper (monthly payment) 623 6 3,738 1847
Virtual office (monthly payment) 153[3] 6 918 453
Bank (monthly payment) 20 6 120 59
Projects 9,000 4446
Microgrants 500 6 3,000 1482
Meetups & Preparation for Wiki Loves Monument 2013 1,000 6 6,000 2964
Reserves (10% of the total, except projects) 623 262
TOTAL 15,854 7832

Project scope[edit]

The scope of this grant request includes expenses of the establishment of Wikimedia Brasil (legal fees, administration, etc) and the main projects for the next months.

Operating expenses
  • Engage a consultant for book keeping and liaison with Government authorities for various approvals and for filing statutory reports;
  • Bank expenses for clearing any foreign exchange receipts;
  • Mailing expenses for signing chapter's agreement with WMF.

This grant request covers only the minimum legally required, just to get the organization off the ground. We'll have our own donations and partnerships in order to cover the recurring expenses.

Regional meetings

We expect to help volunteers organizing regional events in ~6 major cities in Brazil, in order to discuss locally the chapter's plans for the next months and how to push it through. As this plans can include preparation for Wiki Loves Monument 2013, our volunteers can find it a good opportunity to set local photo events (photo contests, photo scavenger hunts, WikiExpeditions, Wiki Takes [City], etc), so they can get more prepared for WLM by discovering what works well (and not very well) on rules, lists, and potential partners. This expenses cover goodies (merchandising, t-shirts), transportation, fees, printed materials, small prizes/gifts, snacks, etc. for 6 regional events & meet-ups in major Brazilian cities.


In order to look to the future and go really national, it can be useful to send volunteers from other cities to the 6 regional meetings, so they can learn how to organize such events, and share experiences. This expenses cover travel tickets and accommodation for enable participation in those community meet-ups.

Microgrants Program

We know that funds should not replace volunteer action, outreach and liaison efforts with partners. There is a lot of creative ways to perform activities with small amounts of money and even with no money at all. But in some cases, some expenses are required. This program is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the efforts of our community. During a national conference, our volunteers can define the community's priorities and the program's criteria, in order to select applications with higher impact.

Project goals[edit]

Our stated goals are:

  1. establishment of Wikimedia Brasil as
    We must fit all requirements for records, registration, agreements to be signed, administration, etc. to be recognized as an an official non-profit organization under Brazilian law and as an official chapter under WMF criteria.
  2. get prepared for WLM 2013:
    We must run some similar (but smaller) photo events around the country; and facilitate the sharing of experiences between our volunteers and with other chapters.
  3. support efforts of our community:
    We must start a Microgrants Program to fund some activities linked to the community's priorities and that can maximize the effectiveness of our efforts.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

We would appreciate to have the assistance of the Brazil Program team during the process of establishing the chapter. Oona Castro, the Brazilian National Program Consultant, has a huge experience in establishing and managing nonprofit organizations, so it would be helpful to have her advices.

Fit to strategy[edit]

This request align with WMF Strategic Plan to increase participation and reach in countries of the so-called Global South and to improve quality in projects that we are more involved. In order to achieve this, we intent to create a chapter with volunteers from all over the country. Also, we plan to have this organization ready to establish agreements with cultural institutions and government for improve the quality of the WMF projects.

Other benefits[edit]

We expect to present us as a potential partner to run the Brazil Program.

Measures of success[edit]

We will consider this project a success if:

  • Wikimedia Brasil is established as a non-profit organization under Brazilian law and has signed the agreements with WMF
  • regional meetings are held in 6 different cities in Brazil;
  • photo contests/photo scavenger hunts are completed in 6 different cities in Brazil;
  • Microgrants Program is launched, published and operational