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Organization chart of the Wikimedia movement

The Wikimedia movement consists of the people and groups of people sharing common goals and activities with regard to creating and supporting free knowledge educative content: a collections of shared values, wikimedia projects, organizations, and stakeholders.

Shared Values[edit]

  • a collection of values shared by individuals (freedom of speech, knowledge for everyone, community sharing etc.);

Shared Projects[edit]

  • a collection of activities around Wikimedia Projects:
    • Wikipedia, in more than 277 language versions,
    • other content related wikis, such as Wikisource or Wikibooks,
    • 'backstage' wikis or organisational wikis, such as this Meta-Wiki,
    • conferences, workshops, wikiacademies etc. (offline activities);

Wikimedia Organizations[edit]

Wikimedia Stakeholders[edit]

More generally speaking, Wikimedia stakeholders are also part of the Wikimedia movement (readers of Wikimedia content, donors, schools, GLAM, similar-minded institutions, and companies co-operating with the Wikimedia Foundation or other Wikimedia organizations).

The Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

The owner of the trademark Wikimedia is the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF). Linked to the WMF are:

See also[edit]

  • The post and the thread on foundation-l mailing list, started by Anthere, where the term and concept was launched.