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Grants:PEG/WM CA/Quebec Programs 2012

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This submission to the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2011-12. This is a grant to an organization.

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Legal name of chapter

Wikimedia Canada

Grant contact name

Alan Walker

Grant contact user-name or e-mail


Grant contact title (position)

VP of Wikimedia Canada

Project lead name

Benoit Rochon

Project lead user-name or e-mail

wmca:User:Benoit Rochon

Project lead title (position), if any

French projects coordinator

Full project name

Quebec Committee

Amount requested (in USD)


Provisional target start date

February 1st, 2012

Provisional completion date

December 31st, 2012

Budget breakdown[edit]

International Scientific Conference on ICT and Education (2 days) - $650
  • Transportation : $300
  • Per diem meals : $150
  • Lodging: $200
Forum mondial de la langue française (5 days) - $2250
  • Transportation : $350
  • Per diem meals : $1250
  • Lodging: $650
Contribution days (twice a year) - $425
  • Transportation : $350
  • Lunch : $75.00
Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Canada - $2,000
  • Prizes total amount : $2,000
Wikipédia prend Québec - $2,950
  • Transportation : $300
  • Per diem meals: $150
  • Hall + security guard 8 hours - $ 500
  • Prizes total amount: $2,000
QRpedia projects (GLAM Collaboration) - $250
  • Material for labels: $150
  • Transportation $100

Total amount requested : $8600 USD (8525 CAD + Fees)


This grant will cover the programs offered by Wikimedia Canada in the province of Quebec for the 2012 program year. These events will be organized and executed by local volunteers with the assistance of Wikimedia Canada.

Project Goal[edit]

  • To recruit new volunteers and promote development of content in the province of Quebec, Canada for the Wikimedia movement.
  • Promote awareness of the Wikimedia Canada chapter and its commitment to support French language culture.
  • Present Wikimedia Canada as an accessible chapter to Quebec residents.
  • Gain access to Canadian classrooms by recruiting leaders in the education community.


Wikimedia Canada has established a group of volunteers for coordinating French language engagement in Canada. We refer to this group as the Comité Québec which meets monthly by Skype and infrequently in person. Comité Québec was established by a chapter board member who attends all of the meetings and presents their proposals to the Wikimedia Canada board of directors. The group meets monthly and discusses event ideas and outreach activities. Comité Québec has prepared a program plan and budget for 2012 which is covered by this grant application.

This program plan covers the following 6 events in 2012:

International Scientific Conference on ICT and Education (May 4 @ Montreal)

  • Conference brings together scientists, professionals, and other concerned, where researchers from a wide range of fields will present their findings on how ICT, emerging technologies, and Web 2.0 have contributed and can contribute to education.
  • Two conferences presented by the French Committee of Wikimedia Canada will focus on what is Wikipedia, build by who, why and how teachers can use and reuse Wikipedia in the classroom.

Wikipédia prend Québec (16 June @ Quebec city)

  • Photographic event modeled on the scavenger hunt in Montreal (summer 2011) where 110 people attended despite a hurricane hit the city!
  • Unlike the event in Montreal where everyone was invited, Quebec City will focus more on students and professionals in the photo.
  • The photographic scavenger hunts "Wikipedia Takes Your City" are very popular, and bring new contributors to Commons and to free licence movement.

Forum mondial de la langue française (or The Global Forum of the French language [1] (2-6 July @ Quebec city))

  • International gathering of artisans, designers and promoters of the French language. From 2 to 6 July 2012, Wikimedia Canada in collaboration with Wikimedia France, will be on hand to promote sister projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, in part "Le nouvel univers numérique" (The new digital world).
  • Several officials and international dignitaries will be present for the first global forum. (Video - Radio-Canada)
  • Planned activities: joint workshops and presentations with Wikimedia Canada and France.

Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Canada (1-30 September @ Canada)

  • Photographic event in the world that encourages participants to upload their best photos of historic sites in Canada.
  • From September 1st to 30th 2012, more than 30 countries will attend the event, including Canada.

Journées contributives (or The Contribution days (2 events, date & venue TDB))

  • Contribution days aim to significantly improve a Wikipedia article, upload free media in Wikimedia Commons, build relationships between Quebec contributors and to initiate new contributors to edit the encyclopedia.
  • On February 18, 2012 at Laval University, the first Contribution day gathered 10 surfers to improve Jean Talon's article: 127 revisions by 12 users [2], 9 scans of very high quality in Wikimedia Commons [3], and transcription of the first canadian census in Wikisource [4].

QRpedia projects (Dates TBD / Montreal)

  • Wikimedia Canada build up a relationship with four institutions: Montreal's botanical garden, insectarium, planetarium and Biosphère. These institutions are all managed by the association Espace pour la vie.
  • QRpedia is an excellent introduction to the Wikimedia Canadian GLAM projects. The items in the collections of these institutions have developed articles and that give visibility to Wikipedia.

Fit to strategy[edit]

The following outcomes align with the Wikimedia Foundation's strategic plan:

  1. Increase participation in Wikimedia projects by engaging the global francophone community
  2. Increase reach by partnering with external organizations to make Wikimedia projects more accessible
  3. Improve quality through strategic partnerships with groups that share our common goals
  4. Encourage innovation through open discussion with attendees of these events

Measure of Success[edit]

  • Feedback from the audience about the presentations.
  • Contact with more francophone community participants.
  • Progress towards a program for movement content in the classroom.
  • Accumulation of volunteers for francophone activities.
  • Increased movement GLAM content.
  • Progress towards implementing QRPedia in Montreal

Non-financial requirements[edit]

  • Wikimedia foundation promotional shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, etc for event participants
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