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Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

This is the 7th report on Mediagrant, which aims to summarize our progress from October to December 2012. Members of the current Mediagrant 'eye' are still the same, Chmee2, Packa and Vojtech.dostal.

Overview of MG media collection topics[edit]

Current long-term topics (as of 31 December 2012)
Name Description Journeys
Objects Photographs Expenditures CZK Paid out CZK
Foto českých obcí Documentation of Czech Municipalities including the smallest ones 69 714 7235 20 593 ($1,080) 18 325
Lidová architektura Vernacular architecture 1 1 31 728 ($40) 0
Lidové kroje a zvyky Czech Vernacular Clothes and Customs 2 2 301 2 100 ($110) 2 000
Obrazová dokumentace chráněných území a památných stromů v ČR Documentation of protected Natural Areas and Memorable Trees in the Czech Republic 74 293 5 223 16 670 ($880) 15 033
Odborná fotografie Scientific Photography 4 3 270 762 ($40) 502
Události Documentation of important events in the Czech Republic 2 2 93 132 ($10) 97
Vodstvo Water bodies of the Czech Republic 1 2 47 2032 ($110) 2032
Židovské památky Documentation of Jewish monuments in the Czech Republic 10 152 1552 5 163 ($280) 5 162
Summary 163 1167 14 752 48 269 ($2,530) 39 086

Latest approved one-time requests (October – December 2012)
Name Description Photographs Expenditures CZK Paid out CZK
Příslušenství k fotoaparátům 1 + 2 Equipment for our cameras 1 + 2 N/A 4 260 ($230) 4 260
Fotoworkshop Fata Morgana Photographic workshop Fata Morgana (greenhouse) blog story 81 3 069 ($170) 2 889
Summary 81 7 329 ($400) 7 149


  • There will always be some difference between “Expenditures” and “Paid out” because there is always a time delay between recording expenditures into tracker and supporting them by documents and approving them. The second reason for this is that a few expenditures were decided not be approved in full extent.
  • The amounts in USD was rounded so the summary amounts should not correspond.


Total amount of all Mediagrant expenditures: 144 973,35 CZK (approx. 7,430 USD)

  • one-time requests: 96 703,75 CZK (4,960 USD)
  • long-term topics: 48 269,60 CZK (2,480 USD)

General remarks[edit]

Mediagrant lived its own internal life in the last three months of 2012. Clearly less 'Protected Areas documentation' journeys took place, because of autumn and winter coming, but we saw a rise in the number of 'Documentation of Czech Municipalities' trips (15 of these took place during these months, 5 every month on average). The receipts are being paid out gradually as they are accepted - and when the process gets slow somewhere, the 'Eye' usually tries to interfere and call attention to it. Mediagrant surpassed a milestone of 7,000 USD and this means that the process got fairly automatized, journey after journey made, picture after picture uploaded to Commons. We see this as a great success, even more in contrast with the state of things in 2011 when the present members of Eye started to work on it. Of course we are collecting our thoughts about what should follow after the Mediagrant money is spent.

Remarks from the Topic's guarantees[edit]

We were keen to hear the opinions of topic's guarantees, i.e., the real people standing behind various Mediagrant-based activities ("topics"). At least some of them filed comprehensive reports on their activities. Their submission were quite varied. The guarantees of the topics that do not attract so much attention sometimes tried to explain the lack of interest 1) by not being able to spend so much time popularizing their topic, 2) by too wide definition of some more popular topics that enables photographers to submit 'almost everything' in these popular topics. While the first reason is just a pity (we cannot make people to work more than they want), the second reason does not decrease the overall number of pictures taken and so is not such a serious problem. Some guarantees also stated the notion that their topic is not so popular and cannot attract so many people.

We also had some success stories from the guarantees. "Czech Municipalities" mentioned that new people are joining the project in this effort to photograph as many Czech villages as possible, leading to a much more complete map - more pictures are taken far away from the capital and thus more isolated parts of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia are documented. The "Wiki Loves Monuments" competition is mentioned as a big push for the project. Guarantee of "Jewish Monuments" surprised us with information that Jewish people from all around the world have noticed the project and she cooperates with them to find more information about their deceased Jewish relatives, often buried in Czech cemeteries.

A detailed report on Protected Areas topic is available as a blog post in English and Czech.

Important Mediagrant events[edit]

Visitors of the 'Fata Morgana Greenhouse' Wiki Workshop

With financial support from Mediagrant, Wikimedia Czech Republic organized another workshop focused on nature photography, in cooperation with WikiProject Protected Areas and Portal:Photography on Czech Wikipedia. As can be seen from the blog post we published in the Wikimedia Blog, a total number of 13 people enrolled for the event and only 5 of these were experienced Wikipedians. The overall result was thus not only the amount of the newly uploaded pictures of various plants, but perhaps most importantly, a new interest in Wikipedia among non-Wikipedians.

Mediagrant was also repeatedly mentioned during the annual Czech Wikiconference in the National Technical Library in November 2012.