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Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

This is the first interim report of Presentation & Outreach II grant, covering development from its beginning in December 2013 to June 2014. Overall, preparations are under way for two biggest event of our year: WLM and Wikiconference, we participated on one exhibition so far, and maintain contact with GLAM and education institutions, all this while keeping the expenses quite low so far.

Project activities[edit]

2014 wiki conference[edit]

At the moment only the place is decided and reserved, we have basic plans of thematic circles. This time the conference will be at Brno's planetarium (supported by planetarium itself and Masaryk's university) on 29th November.


Visitors at our Silesian Museum Night booth
  • represent Wikimedia projects on two exhibition/events
    supervisors: User:Packa, User:Limojoe (each of them will handle one)
    expected impact: personal contact with 200 visitors

We had a booth at Silesian Museum Night, where two of our members held four short presentations for the passers-by: how Wikipedia works, how to edit it, Silesia at Wikipedia, and about Wiki Loves Monuments competition. In the first two hours of five-hour opening time, they estimated that around 200 people stopped by. Even though the total attendance of the Museum Night was said to be lower than the last year, we did not observe it on our booth. Furthemore, a lot of the visitors actually talked to us. We have handed out 6 books, a little less than 50 memory games, and 30 Wikipedia leaflets. Overall, we found participation in this event more than worthwhile.

The second exhibition we plan to take part in is Autumn Book Fair in Havlickuv Brod in the middle of October.

GLAM relations[edit]

Bazaar in Bala Murghab, Afghanistan, March 1962. Photo donated by František Řiháček
  • establish relations with two GLAM institutions
    supervisor: User:Gampe
    impact: improving Wikipedia through expert knowledge, access to unique media, further propagation of Wikipedia through cooperation, increased credibility

We have established relations with Municipal Museum in Přibyslav and Fire Brigade Museum in Přibyslav as part of our WikiTown activity (which was an event outside of P&O grant, mainly involving lots of Wikipedians storming the town, documenting everything and writing articles).

For the latter, we're digitizing set of historic photographs from Afghanistan (1961-1962), partially available at commons:User:Gampe/Afghanistan.

We have also obtained materials from Deutsches Damast- und Frottiermuseum in Großschönau, as part of commons:Wikipedians in Seifhennersdorf. Moreover, 384 pictures from the scientific archive of deceased professor Josef Reischig were uploaded to Commons.

After the first wave in Prague 10, Plzeň - Slovany installed QR-enabled plaques on 23 landmark buildings in the district. There are talks with Přibyslav about QRpedia as well. Second wave of plaques in Prague 10 was released in the middle of this year as well.

Students Write Wikipedia[edit]

  • organize eight Students Write Wikipedia courses
    supervisor: User:Vojtech.dostal
    expected impact: 300 participating students writing new articles

The Students Write Wikipedia program has become a steady part of the WMCZ's projects portfolio. It is a well-organized, stable and progressive platform for all those who wish to add Wikipedia to the university curricullum, one way or another. As of June 2014, it is too early to proclaim this year's results (the school year ends on 30th June, somewhere officially as late as 30th September). However, it is safe to say that >150 students wrote Wikipedia articles during the "summer" term in 2014. We will be providing exact metrics after the end of the term, thanks to the Education extension installed on Czech Wikipedia.

The program runs almost expense-free, limited only by a lack of time on the program manager's side, and an employee would be a big help if the decision to scale up the program is made. A very small travel expense was covered from the Presentation and Outreach II grant. Also, several other expenses help to run Students Write Wikipedia program, such as leaflets, business cards etc - i.e. expenses not exclusive to the education program.

2014 Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

  • organize 2014 Wiki Loves Monuments competition
    supervisor: cs:User:Frettie passed to cs:User:Jagro
    expected impact: 50 new media contributors, 5000 new photos

We have set up a working group of three organizers, which is working on the rules, with the intent to prefer quality over quantity of pictures. We are trying to get an external sponsor, but the status of our grant application is not known at the moment. We expect that the competition will be endorsed by two of our "friendly" GLAM institutions. So far, no money has been spent on preparations. We were also able to obtain grant support from foundation of the company avast!, which will be partly spent on part-time employee and media promotion of the competition.

Presentation video[edit]

  • Wikipedia presentation video for use in lectures -- introducing Wikipedia and showing how to contribute
    supervisor: cs:User:NoJin
    expected impact: usage on editation workshops (100 participants), school lectures (500 students), presentation at exhibitions and other events

Video is being worked on by students of Secondary school of Advertising, but we haven't yet received any material. In the mean time, we posted a video from our booth at Children's day to our YouTube channel.

One issue of Wikimedium[edit]

  • 1 issue of Czech Wikimedium magazine
    supervisor: User:Okino
    expected impact: one issue per 150 copies

The printed issue was distributed on 2013 Wikiconference, with remaining copies handed out on other events where we had presence. The magazine included a pool, which unfortunately prompted very few responses. While it's pleasant to know that most of the people who did reply found the magazine useful (especially the section covering news from the "wiki world"), it's apparent that majority of people who got the magazine did not actually send any feedback, so we still have no persuasive data on the impact of printed magazine to promotion of movement goals.

Distribution of book describing Wikipedia[edit]

  • distribution of the book about Wikipedia to schools and libraries
    supervisor: User:Gampe
    100 copies of the book are to be distributed

Since the book prints we have are quicky becoming outdated with the coming of Visual Editor, we handing them out at any suitable opportunity. We gave our 30 copies on a SWW event at Czech Radio, 20 to Municipal Library in Prague, and around 28 more to other partner institutions and indiviuals during exhibitions.


In January 2014 we have received 7,876 EUR in grant funding from Wikimedia Foundation, which was converted 216,350.04 CZK (with 27.48 CZK/EUR rate). Together with 4,805 CZK which were not spent in previous P&O grant, we have total 221,155.04 CZK available.

Current spending[edit]

Number Category/Item Budgeted EUR Budgeted CZK Spent CZK Remaining CZK Tickets
1 Core activities 5,777 158,751.96 4,332 154,419.96
1.1 wikiconference 1,610 44,242.8 0 44,242.8
1.2 exhibitions 1,170 32,151.6 4,250 27,901.6 489, 513 (not fully reimbursed yet)
1.3 Wiki loves monuments 2014 1,300 35,724 0 35,724
1.4 presentation video 585 16,075.8 0 16,075.8
1.5 domains 312 8,573.76 0 8,573.76
1.6 other 800 21,984 82 21,902 504, 505
2 Promotional materials 1,670 45,891.6 4,218.06 41,673.6
2.1 promotional items 590 16,213.2 0 16,213.2
2.2 Wikimedium magazine 180 4,946.4 4,218 728.4 435
2.3 leaflets 300 8,244 0 8,244
2.4 business cards 300 8,244 0 8,244 529 (not reimbursed yet)
2.5 books 300 8,244 0 8,244
3 Administration 429 11,788.92 4,550.50 7,238.92
3.1 Accountancy 429 11,788.92 4,550.50 7,238.92 458
4 Unallocated reserve 4,805 0 4,805
Grand total 7,876 221,237.48 13,100.56 208,136.92

Accounts and leftovers[edit]

All P&O II grant money is at two Fio bank accounts: 2900098495/2010 (transactions) and 2700141567/2010 (savings). Their combined balance as of 30th June is 212,162.58 CZK, which is more than what remaining fund we should have according to the table above. This seems to be caused by wrong grouping of 4.218 CZK Wikimedium magazine payment when we counted leftover funds from previous grant. Two options that come in mind is to either return the extra funds on the account (~4000 CZK, with some parts being eaten by bank fees) to WMF, or to simply take everything on the account as P&O2 funds, and deal with them at the end of the grant project.