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Grants:PEG/WM NL/GLAMcamp Amsterdam travel scholarships

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This was a submission to the Project and Event Grants Program from an group, organization, or individual in 2013-14, but was withdrawn by that group, organization, or individual before a funding decision was delivered.
Legal name of chapter or nonchapter group
Wikimedia Netherlands
Grant contact name
Maarten Brinkerink
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
WMNL GLAM coordinator
Project lead name
Liam Wyatt
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Conference Convener
Full project name
GLAMcamp Amsterdam (travel scholarship support)
Amount requested (in USD)
$6,900 (€5000)
Provisional target start date
2 December
Provisional completion date
4 December

Budget breakdown[edit]

The request is specifically for money to increase the available international travel scholarships section of the GLAMcamp Amsterdam budget. As per the event page Wikimedia Netherlands is hosting GLAMcamp from its own budget allocation (including venue, accommodation, catering, technology, local transport and project management). The proportion of the total budget allocated for international travel scholarships is €2000. Furthermore, Wikimedia UK has also agreed to provide an additional £3000 for travel scholarships. This brings our budget allocation for international travel scholarships to approximately €5400.

Requesting: $6,900 (€5000) in order to cover all genuine scholarship applications thus far received and provide approximately €300 leeway for late requests/expenses. [key WMF staff have already been given access to the relevant budget/scholarship application documents]. Alternatively, if this is not possible, requesting $5,500 (€4000) to cover most of the scholarship budget shortfall.

Project scope[edit]

Following the success of the GLAMcamp NYC event, the signups for this event has proved very popular, with scholarship requests now almost €10 000. However, several Chapters that were initially interested in supporting their own citizens and/or providing a grant to WMNL to increase the international Scholarship fund are now not able to do so, citing a lack of assurity in their fundraising budget. This has left a budget gap that we seek the support of the WMF in order to help us cover it and enable all who wish to come to attend.

Published scholarship criteria here http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/GLAMcamp_Amsterdam#Definitely

Project goal[edit]

See event homepage at GLAMcamp Amsterdam.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

As with GLAMcamp NYC, attendees from the WMF staff would be welcome. Technical advice on setting up live-streaming video would also be appreciated.

WMF fellow Liam Wyatt is convening the conference at no cost to WMNL as part of his fellowship.

Fit to strategy[edit]

As with all GLAM activities, the ultimate outcome is to increase the quality of Wikimedia projects by gaining access to better resources, expertise and institutions. More immediately, this event will positively impact the credibility of Wikimedia in the Netherlands (through the public workshop activity), will increase the capacity and cohesion of the movement to handle increasing amounts of GLAM activities, and will provide an important focus point for encouraging participation in these activities from a range of countries.

The specific funds being requested will be spent on travel scholarships for the most "expensive" participants to bring to the Netherlands. These will be people coming from areas/languages of strategic focus for the Wikimedia Foundation including (but not limited to) North Africa, India and South America.

Measures of success[edit]

This grant request is specifically for increasing the funds available for international travel scholarships, and therefore increasing the number of people (especially those travelling a long distance to Amsterdam) who can attend. However, as mentioned on the talkpage, merely quantifying how many plane tickets we can purchase is not a sufficient measure of success. Therefore the measures listed below must be applicable to the event as a whole, even though this grant is not funding the event directly. Measures of success for this grant are:

  • Demonstrable increase in GLAM outreach activities undertaken, especially in countries that have no/limited past experience and for which GLAMcamp Amsterdam was a first introduction to the concept.
- measured by additions to the "Wikipedian in Residence" list and "contact us" list (or similar).
- measured by continued (preferably increasing) appearance of GLAM activities in Chapter official reports.
  • Maintenance of vibrant, friendly, productive, and collaborative international Wikimedia community.
- measured by maintenance of healthy traffic on the cultural-partners-l mailinglist with growing number of subscribers and active voices from different countries.
  • Active reporting of activities during GLAMcamp Amsterdam.
- measured by at least one each of: WMF blogpost, report in the "Signpost" or report in "This Month in GLAM". Multiple reports in each of: Chapters' own newsletters, participants' personal blogs and relevant mailing lists. Constant updates to relevant social media streams (especially #GLAMWIKI on twitter). [Also attempting to have livestreaming of sessions].
  • Interest from other Chapters in hosting further GLAMcamp or GLAM-WIKI events in 2012.
- measured by the number of Wikimedia sponsored events (internal or outreach) branded as "GLAM" or "cultural sector".

Note: Success in these measures is to be considered in the context of the fact that the WMF "GLAM fellowship" (for Liam/Wittylama, the event convener) concludes immediately after GLAMcamp Amsterdam. Therefore, since there will be no "GLAM coordinator" role afterwards, the success of GLAMcamp will be an important factor in achieving these goals and the continued health of the GLAM-Wikimedia movement more generally.