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GLAMcamp Participants
(This event is now past; see Signpost coverage and WMF blog post.) For the December 2011 GLAMcamp, see GLAMcamp Amsterdam

GLAMcamp NYC was a GLAM meeting/workshop for Wikimedians active in outreach to cultural institutions and modeled on the 2009 Multimedia Usability Project Meeting France. Rather than an open community conference like Wikimania, this was a workshop targeting a small group of community-focused and technology-focused Wikimedians to kickstart the key elements of the project. Attendees also included key representatives of GLAM (and related) institutions who already had a strong relationship with Wikimedia.

The meeting took place in May 2011, hosted by Wikimedia New York City and the New York Public Library.

Basic information[edit]

The hostel is just a few blocks from Central Park.

Note: Expenses—including accommodation at the HI Youth Hostel, a reasonable amount towards the cost of travel, and a small per-diem—will be covered for attendees who require it, either by local chapters or the camp organizers.

  • Dates: 20/21/22 May, 2011 (the weekend following the Berlin Hackathon, Friday through Sunday.)
  • Venue: New York Public Library: "SIBL" building Friday-Saturday, Mid-Manhattan library on Sunday.
  • Public Workshop: Friday Morning [1]
  • Accommodation: New York, USA: HI Youth Hostel
  • Arrival: Thursday evening, Departure Sunday evening (some may choose to stay Sunday night)
  • Social events: See below
  • Total number of attendees: approx 20–35.
  • Grant: View the WMF grant application page here.


Friday @ SIBL[edit]


9am Enter through 34th street entrance

(revolving doors) and give name to guard.

Public Workshop Registration page

11am Introductions, Brainstorming & Planning
1pm Lunch (Map with local options)
2pm Breakout 1:
3:30pm Breakout 2:


  • decide what needs doing
  • break up and do it in groups of 4-5
  • do some coding based on previous sessions
5pm Quick Wrapup
Evening Social activity

Saturday @ SIBL[edit]


  Enter through 34th street entrance

(revolving doors) and give name to guard.

10am Planning the day
11am Breakout 3:
  • Documentation Etherpad
  • Free Culture Partnerships/Outreach/Index
  • More tool coding Etherpad
12:30 Lunch (Map with local options)
1:30pm Breakout 4
3pm Presentations and Reports
Evening Social activity

Sunday @ Mid Manhattan Library[edit]


  Enter through 40th street side

entrance and give name to guard or meet from 9.45 to be escorted as a group. (Bags okay for workshop room)

10am Planning the day
11am Sprint

Breakout: Workshop on Metrics project brief, preferably around 6 people etherpad

1pm Lunch (Map with local options)
2pm Presentations
3pm Planning the future
4pm Close
Evening Social activity


Assignments at end of GLAMCamp[edit]


  • Responsible person -Liam etherpad:GLAMcampNYC-metrics-proposal
  • Goal & Timeframe - Find the Project Manager (WM-De) to be "bid manager" get the mature brief/proposal within a month
    • Project Brief finalised by July for Wikimania - fae, multichill, brinkerink (Aude to get it on the conf. schedule)
    • Project start in September, runs for 8 months (project manager, designer, developer).

Badges (was free culture index) based on [2]

  • Responsible person - Richard (to find someone)
  • Goal & Timeframe - Text/wikipage: Maarten B., Design: Brandon? & Nina Paley, Javascript: Krinkle/Janpaul?

Upload tool & Data Ingestion

  • Responsible person - Kaldari, Multichill
  • Goal & Timeframe - Data Ingestion by end of day? (not achieved)
    • Improved/standardised Commons documentation "how to do a bulk upload"
    • Multichill finish data ingestion tool next 2-3 wks
    • Airview launched when DI tool complete
    • Clean up Bulk uploader in June by Kaldari
    • Benoit translation French

Taskforce for Metadata Standard

  • Responsible person - Sumana, finding a more suitable leader for long run
  • Goal & Timeframe - more details to come in group email
    • within a week, outreach activities and involved others

Point of entry

  • Responsible person - Lori, Danny
  • Goal & Timeframe - Tabs and site architecture this week, Nihiltres
    • mainpage and FAQ done this week, Lori
    • model projects/case studies all integrated: Dominic and Eli, Alex and Sarah


  • Responsible person - Sarah
  • Goal & Timeframe - "how to" completed by early July, Sarah + POE team
    • Benoit/offline version (PDFs, presentations, etc)


  • Responsible person - Liam, Fae
  • Goal & Timeframe - Liam explains "closing" ambassadors, Fae responsible for retasking the steering committee to a "GLAM International Support Team".
    • Will help in regions when requested and defer to Chapter or current GLAM programmes when possible.
    • Will support inter-country initiatives.
  • Will assist with issues that fall between the cracks.


  • Responsible person: everyone: Tell people you were here! Link to etherpads, blog, share with local chapters, signpost article, link and provide translated/localized description
  • Liam: Follow-up with attendees and stakeholders: 1 month, 2 month
  • Liam: Follow-up with Friday morning attendees to public workshop (eventbrite registration, collate + share links)
  • Follow-up with assigned responsible people: Liam
  • Liam: Check in 1 month to consider GLAMcamp Europe towards end of 2011?

Planned tasks[edit]

  • Creating documentation for procedures/policies & existing forms of projects so they can be replicated elsewhere. See: Case studies
    • Writing documentation (Wikimedians)
    • Writing case-studies (GLAM reps.)
    • Writing/Developing/Revamping instructional manuals and how-to guides
      • Batch uploading
      • Organizing Wikipedia Takes ___, Wiki Loves Monuments, ... events
  • Developing the "GLAM ambassador" and "in residence" systems to provide local assistance. See: Ambassadors
    • Rename to "GLAM e-volunteer"?
    • Policies/process for approval/listing of new positions
    • What support do they need/can we provide
    • Where do chapters fit?
  • Developing a taxonomy of GLAMbassadors/Wikipedians-In-Residence and Volunteers/Interns/Professionals in GLAM work
  • Improving mass-upload to commons partnerships
  • Improving reporting metrics on GLAM-Wikimedia collaborations. See: Tools
  • Including Public Domain Calculators in commons upload process. See: Tools
  • A Better "share" system - especially including QRPedia codes[3], short URLs, and embed widget[4][5].
  • ISBN usage checker[6]
  • Other GLAM tools needed? See: Tools
GLAMWIKI page improvements
  • Improving the look & feel of
  • consistency of GLAM project pages (on WP, on Commons)
  • Systematizing GLAM one-on-one online collaborations and public-facing outreach pages
  • Discuss viability of hovertext-attribution for multimedia
Free culture Index
  • Developing a Free Culture Index rating system to assess how free-culture-friendly a GLAM is (could create an award) See: Free Culture Index
  • Can we provide a place in the reference desk for professional librarians?
  • Learning from the Campus ambassador and education projects
  • Building on commonalities of museum/library, and analogous university outreach


Maybe attending[edit]

Metropolitan Museum of Art's grand hall.
The map room at NYPL

Social events[edit]

Brooklyn Brewery, yup, they make beer in Brooklyn!

We are working on scheduling optional events for GLAMcamp attendees, more details coming soon!

  • Friday
5:45 pm-8:30pm
  • 5:45 pm - Meet in lobby of Met.
  • 6:00 pm - Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's photography lab & archives with Barbara Bridgers
  • 7:00 pm - Favorites tour with insider Susan Chun (optional)
This tour will be a great chance to explore the highlights of the Met in a short period of time with the very knowledgeable Susan Chun!
  • 8:00 pm - Tour ends at the roof top for cocktails
8:30 pm - Dinner
After dinner - Post-dinner drinks
  • Saturday
6pm - NYC-Wiki + GLAM-WIKI meet up dinner at the Symposium Greek Restaurant, 544 W 113th St (see also Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC)
After dinner - Post-dinner drinks
Missvain will be taking a group to Greenwich Village for a pub crawl
  • Sunday
7pm - Farewell dinner at BXL Cafe


Visiting NYC[edit]

New York is unlike any other American city - it's world famous, the heart of fashion, culture, music and art in the States.

May weather:

  • Average high: 71°F (22°C)
  • Average low: 55°F (13°C)

A few other tips

  • Bring good walking shoes
  • Bring cash for subways, taxis, and tips
  • Bring a jacket or sweater, evenings are cool during May.
    • Bring an umbrella. Rain is likely.

Visit these links for a bit more about preparing for your trip:


Write your questions here!

  • Are any developers or designers interested in a MediaWiki installfest? We'd install MediaWiki locally on our computers, help each other with any LAMP problems, talk about extensions and skins we like, and trade tips. If you ever want to contribute to MediaWiki or MediaWiki extensions, this would be a good first step. - Sumana Harihareswara
    • Another installfest idea: the WordPress plugin "PhotoCommons", which allows "easy searching, inserting and and maintaining of files from Wikimedia Commons into your blog." We can install it, play with it, file bugs to request fixes or improvements, and talk about porting it to other CMSes (Drupal, Joomla!, etc.). - Sumana