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I am James Hare, a software developer and consultant from the United States, currently located in Portland, Oregon. I have been contributing to Wikipedia since 2004, writing about many arbitrary topics including government regulations, prescription medications, and very old video games. Since 2014 I have been a contributor to Wikidata, focusing heavily on chemical data and Wikipedia article source metadata. I also enjoy writing short descriptions for Wikipedia articles (i.e. descriptions for Wikidata items) and doing other tasks to improve Wikipedia in microscopic increments. I read Wikipedia a lot, and it is satisfying to copyedit Wikipedia as you read it.

I joined the founding board of Wikimedia District of Columbia in 2011 and served on the board until 2018. During my time with Wikimedia DC I built a strong network between DC-based knowledge institutions and the Wikimedia community while also building up leaders in the Wikimedia community, including future Wikimedia Foundation employees and Wikimedians of the Year. From 2018 to 2019 I worked full time as an associate product manager for the Wikimedia Foundation. Currently, I consult organizations and businesses on product strategy, data modeling, and Wikibase implementation. I also develop my own products.



Where an organization (other than Wikimedia DC) is referred to by name, I was compensated by that organization for my work on that project.


  • Consulting with and developing for the Internet Archive since 2020. I manage the day-to-day operations of InternetArchiveBot, including volunteer support and managing deployments to new wikis.
  • As part of my work with the Internet Archive, supporting WikiCite through monthly community meetings and software projects like Citationgraph bot and Identifier sync bot on Wikidata. The WikiCite community is building an open database of source metadata on Wikidata, and these bots help build that database and make it more useful.
  • Orb Open Graph, a private Wikidata Query Service with longer query timeouts and additional data sources upon request. This is to help scaling issues WikiCite and the Wikidata community have been experiencing, and because I want to explore Wikidata as an application platform.
  • Working with the Vaccine Safety project to improve how the project keeps track of source usage on articles. This work is supported by Hacks/Hackers.


A view of downtown San Francisco from the top of a tall hill. In the foreground, a park bench on a dirt ground. In the background, a view of residential and commercial buildings in San Francisco, including skyscrapers further in the distance.
  • Toolhub, a comprehensive catalog of the software tools used by the Wikimedia movement. I spent early 2018 writing a detailed specification for this "app store" of contributor and organizer tools while working for the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikimedia Foundation's Technical Engagement team has been supporting the project since 2020.
  • The Wikimedia Resource Center, including the {{Portal navigation}} meta-template that is used throughout Meta and as the primary navigation for Wikimania wiki. These were developed as part of a Wikimedia Foundation internship in 2017.
  • Wikipedian in Residence at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) from 2015 to 2017. I modeled NIOSH datasets on chemical hazards and research publication for inclusion in Wikidata, uploaded many public domain videos to Wikimedia Commons, and trained NIOSH staff on Wikipedia editing best practices.
  • WikiProject X, a research and development project funded by a Wikimedia Foundation grant focusing on WikiProjects, subject-area collaborations on Wikipedia. This culminated in a new design template for WikiProjects, recommendation and information feeds, and an automated directory of WikiProjects.
  • Librarybase, a Wikimedia Foundation grant-funded project to build a Wikibase of academic resources. Librarybase was discontinued to focus on reference metadata modeling in Wikidata while making recommendations for evolution of the project. I view the proposed Shared Citations project to be a necessary counterpart to Librarybase.
  • The Wikimedia DC website, including the donation/membership workflows, to make supporting Wikimedia DC as streamlined a process as possible.
  • Event management: Wikimania 2012 in Washington, DC; WikiConference USA 2014 and 2015 (now WikiConference North America). I have also planned and executed many smaller outreach events and training workshops.
  • I developed Wikipedia bots to manage several English Wikipedia workflows, including Requests for Comment, Feedback Request Service, Good Article Nominations, Miscellany for Deletion, Requested Moves, Proposed Mergers, the Dashboard, and various reports. New bot operators have taken on most of these tasks.